At the movies


Having watched Brawl in Cell Block 99 recently, I thought I would check out S. Craig Zahler’s other film Bone Tomahawk out.

This guy certainly has a distinct visual and narrative style.

Although Bone Tomahawk is not quite as good as Block 99 it is still a very good film. It’s not often that you see Western films anymore and certainly not ones with horror tones blended in.


That looks lame.


Yeh the burger scene was full on, but the music they choose to accompany the fight scenes is magnificent. That country version of “word up” for the final fight was just tremendous. Watched the movie on the plane the other night and watched that fight about five times.

And Merlin singing “Country Road” was humorously sadly uplifting.


I watched Bone Tomahawk one night on SBS, going in with no clue what it was about…then the final act unfolded…people started doing the, um, splits…and it left a lasting impression! I enjoyed it.

I will keep an eye out for this Cell Block 99.


That split scene was pretty confronting to say the least.

Cell block is excellent. Well worth a look.


I watched 2 movies today, too hot to do anything else.

Manchester by the Sea.

Emotional roller coaster, liked it, but was a bit too drawn out.

Never Let Me Go

Was different, not what I thought it was going to be, by a small review I’d read. (the actors were good)

Anyone else seen it?, What did you think?


Just got home from seeing this…I really enjoyed it. I found it quite refreshing to watch a movie with great actors and a storyline that required you to actually listen to the dialogue.


Blade Runner 2049 = 3 hours I’ll never get back.


Really enjoyed All The Money In The World…Plummer and Michelle Williams delivered great performances IMO.

Preferred it over The Post.


Any thoughts on where Zodiac sits in modern cinema?

It’s a film that has divided opinion a little but I personally think its one of the better films of this century.


The one about the Zodiac killer in San Francisco? Just a film…if even that…IMO.


You didn’t enjoy it?


Wasn’t in a different language.


Killer Mike loves a movie about serial killers. After talking about killing people in another thread(was a joke). Your a strange cat Mike.



I wouldn’t be putting it in my best 1000 movies, even if I watched it with French subtitles.


What’s in your top ten?


Zodiac sucked. So utterly boring


Yeah but it made more sense than Iron Man 3


Saw 3 Billboards the other night, thought it was really good. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell were great.