At the movies


November Criminals is ■■■■.


Excellent film.

Will take home a few oscars.


Three Billboards is showing in Warrnambool. I didn’t expect that. Must get along.


Saw it tonight. Excellent.

Frances McDormand must be in line for an Oscar, and if you get extra points for having a foul mouth, she’s a certainty. Sam Rockwell gets the same points.

Woody Harrelson, Clarke Peters (The Wire), Peter Dinklage of GOT and John Hawkes from Deadwood head a powerful cast.

Abbie Cornish played Woody’s wife. Not sure whether she was putting on an American accent or not, but it wasn’t an Aussie accent. BTW she’s rather an attractive lady.

Had some interesting trailers - I, Tonya - Alison Janney makes Frances McDormand sound like a Sunday school teacher. Molly’s Game with Jessica Chastain and Red Sparrow with J-Law piqued my interest. Stick the 50 Shades finale up your blurter.


Bright is as bad as they say it is.

Netflix should stick to tv


Mother! = What were you thinking J-Law?


Just saw I, Tonya.
I was sceptical going in, didn’t think it would be anything I’d be interested in, but it’s very good.
Fargo meets The Big Short.


How do you reckon the guys who set up this forum’s swear filter would enjoy it?

Gibbering mess under the seats, with their fingers in their ears?


Some films get better and better after multiple viewings. Watched Hell or High Water for the third time today and it falls into that category.

The casting of the four main characters is
perfect and the Cave/Ellis soundtrack is excellent.

The direction by Mackenzie should have been rewarded with at the very least an Oscar nomination and Taylor Sheridan may well be the best screenwriter working in Hollywood at the moment.


It was OK…not one of the greats.

You must have 200 films in your top 10.


Speaking of top tens, you got one?


No…i always remember something else 5 minutes after I finish. Can’t see the point in it.



I really enjoyed the first Ant Man movie. It was almost up there with Deadpool, in my opinion.
I hope this doesn’t fall too far below that bar. The whole ‘shrinking gun’ option opens it up for a lot of potential rubbish.


Not a trailer, but a short movie.
I found it pretty good.


This looks the goods.




Not for the faint hearted Deckham


Channing Tatum dancing was hilarious. As was Elton John swearing.


Might be bit late for my top five but here it is anyway. I love movies

Another Denzel classic

A place beyond the pines
Great twist

Out of the Funace
Great acting by all in this one

Hacksaw Ridge
That guy who who saved soldiers in battle fricken dead set legend an true story

One of mel Gibson best