At the movies


Casey Affleck is a amazing actor


I agree. I didn’t appreciate how good he was until that movie.


Red Sparrow is a very cool book. As was the followup. Not sure a third has yet been released in the series. I saw the trailer and I have mixed feelings about how it will translate to the big screen.




I watched Wind River, starts off as an interesting and slowly paced detective mystery…

…then out of no where they show you exactly what happened. There’s a shoot out where everyone dies and the movie ends. Bizarre.


I find it hard to believe Aronofsky would make something without artistic merit.

Who has he ■■■■■■ on in Hoilywood to get so roundly trashed on this film?

Did you see it?


Out of the furnace as great. Woody was best on i reckon


Great movie, fantastic acting and Taylor Sheridan is a star


Mission impossible sequel 800 wowee still looks awesome.


Seen the clip of Tom cruise breaking his ankle during filming?

■■■■ that.


But they used that clip in the trailer!

All in for Cruise. MI might be stealth the best franchise going.


Wouldn’t say best, but probably most consistent. I can’t remember a truly bad one, all have been good popcorn movies at worst which is rare when you get past 2 movies in a franchise.


Woody was a scary man in that movie


Den of Thieves. 2018 130 minutes 9 /10
Gerard Butler & Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson.
Best LA cop movie l have seen since Heat. Plenty of action, but it isn’t overdone. There is a shoot out scene in a street, that is very well done. Butler is the hard-bitten cop, and doesn’t mind bending the rules. The story teeters on the edge of falling into cliche, but every time such a point comes up, the director pulls back, and goes off at a tangent, such as the way he deals with his domestic relationship and what it ends up costing, and the way the crim element is portrayed, getting almost as much screen time as the cops. The soundtrack is also quite atmospheric and captures the moods well.


Anyone seen “the Miami Project”? Reminds me of a Lary Clarke film in relation to subject and is kind of fly on the wall at times. Great cinematography.
Willem Defoe the human tripod is solid in what is a role that does not stretch him.


Thought it was kind of weird.

Was kind of an insight into being bogan but not really.

Don’t think I’d watch it again.


Sorry it was called the “Florida Project” Willem got nominated for an Oscar.

I have seen worse stories on SBS - Struggle Street (now that series teaches you to be a bogan) .


I know Noonan will probably disagree but I think American History X is a modern masterpiece.

F#%k Edward Norton was good back then!


No. It was a great movie. Easily in my top 1000.


Lol you are a joker