At the movies




WTF happened to Norton??


It can be so soooo easy to fark up Deadpool 2 - one of my fav Marvel movies.


fark, we should just rename this thread the superhero movie thread.


Would have thought you’d have to set out to fark it up, really.
Set action pieces.
Break the fourth wall.
Contempt for heroism.
Revenge, for want of a better word, is good.

Oh, and have fun out there.


Comedy is a tricky business though. Can go from a psychological high, to a cringey tackiness real quick.


The main thing is not over doing what worked well in the first one. GOTG 2 is a prime example of that


Got a Virus I heard.


He had that ten year period where he produced some amazing work but since has gone missing.

The rumour is he is difficult to work with.


Watched Wonder for the second night in a row last night.

Great movie, Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts are great in it.

Definitely something I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t ry regularly in movies.



Just a matter of Symantecs. Needed to wear a Mac.


Watched it last week.

Enjoyable family movie.

Jacob Tremblay was unrecognizable in it.


Who would have thought that he would drift away and fade, while DiCaprio became one of the better actors of this century.


DiCaprio is one of the most overrrated actors.

Should put it in the overrated thread.


uh huh … :roll_eyes:


John woo’s was pretty bad


He hulked out


I’m not a massive Leo fan but it is certainly a tragedy that Norton has been shut out.


Nightcrawler was on SBS tonight. I had heard good things about the script, so prioritised it over the Olympics.

I thought it was very good. Dark, interesting character, rising stakes. I think it’s what I want from a movie experience. An original story. So much better than any superhero movie.

I recommend it for anyone that does catch up on SBS.