At the movies


I wouldn’t call it a classic but its a good film. There’s a series on netflix about stringers in the US called “shot in the dark” that l found interesting to watch.


Been to the cinema three times this year and have seen The Florida Project, I,Tonya, and Three Billboards…

Enjoyed them all. Each rather dark with some doses of humour splashed in.

Margot Robbie was terrific in I, Tonya but IMO Frances McDormand gets the Oscar nod.

Was very impressed by the chemistry between the mother and daughter in The Florida project. Saw an interview with the actress who played the mother and she spent a few weeks in acting classes with the kids from the film, and she and the kid who played her daughter became great mates, which seemed to play out well on screen.


Watched Downsizing today, what a pile of crap that movie was


Nightcrawler on netflix.

gyllenhaal is amazing at creepy ■■■■.


I thought Nightcrawler was good to begin with but went way over the top. Some stories are so strong that they don’t need to be artificially embellished, and this was one of them, but they artificially embellished it anyway and ruined it.


Legit watched that on Netflix for the first time yesterday. Pretty good.


New Cloverfield was like a 90 min black mirror ep.


But not quite as interesting I reckon. The ending was a foregone conclusion half way into it.


It also had every generic crew in space trope ever.


I haven’t seen any Cloverfield movies…but I think I am correct in saying that they just buy spec scripts that have nothing to do with the franchise, then tweak them by 5%. Just enough that they can make then tangentially relevant, and chuck the Cloverfield branding on them. Something about that doesn’t sit comfortably with me.


First one was always cloverfield and really really well done. Probably in the top few hand held camera movies. Second one they added in the clover field stuff and it was an awesome movie. Would of been an awesome movie without it tbh

I was really excited for the 3rd one, but within 20min you could pick the ending from a mile away.

4th one is set in World War 2 so I have no idea how that is going to link in


Think I read they turned this one into a cloverfield movie after they’d even started filming.

I didn’t like that they came up with a science based reason for just weird stuff to happen. I need logic in my sci fi.


Shot Caller.

Enjoyed far more than I expected I would. Lots of twists and turns very solid acting from actors more known for television.

Non-linear narrative is becoming overused and predictable but I found it really worked with this film and helped to add a bit of depth to what is a pretty common story.



Yeah I didn’t mind that


Bomb City.

A bit B grade but gritty and addresses a fairly obvious stereotype existent in society. Based on a true story.

Not the best but far from the worst.


I didn’t think Cloverfield Paradox was amazing, but it was entertaining none the less and I didn’t think it deserved the bad reviews. Yes it’s silly at times, yes there are plot holes, but I was never bored. Why do I get the feeling the first 3-5 critics give their reviews and then everyone just follows suit because they don’t want to look out of place? Not a great movie but a more than decent popcorn movie.

“This dimension is eating us alive” with a serious face…brilliant.
“That’s my arm” as the arm walks towards them.

Seriously tho they should have just went full horror with it and less…trying to be smart sci-fi because the story was nowhere near smart enough. If they’d had gone full horror with everything and less “my damn arm is off!” easy going the movie would have been better imo.


I think as a pure sci fi film it works pretty well. Tied into the cloverfield universe it felt like a let down.

Saw geostorm- was entertained by it. Different take on the disaster style film. Enjoyable

Saw Detroit-it’s about what happened in a hotel during the detroit race riots. Up there as one of the most depressing films I have ever seen. Has one of the most dispicable characters I have seen in a film in a hell of a long time.


Black Panther was okay. Not amazing. Not terrible.

Liked almost all the characters, just needed to be tighter, and I’d like a more original villain in a first movie for once.


This will be quality


Finished just in time for some AFLX action.