At the movies


Enjoy it while it lasts. What an insane thing it is.


Well, there is a giant wolf jumping out of a forest to take down a helicopter in the trailer. I haven’t seen the movie but based just on that I am completely comfortable saying that brains are fully optional for this one.


Agreed. I am only going to use it for the next couple of weeks while my family is away. No way I get to the theater that often…




Watch friend request.




All of them. It is a bit of a giggle, but mostly made for kids l reckon. It is a bit of a play on King Kong in places.


Ok, @Riolio who did you speak to? Give me names, damn it! My MoviePass card arrived today. Same as this news:


Mission Impossible - Fallout. 2018. 10/10
Tom Cruise’s latest star vehicle, directed by J.J. Abrahms. Just when l thought the action movie genre was dying, along comes Abrahms to breath some much needed life into Tom and the genre. This movie is nothing sort of sensational. The action sequences and stunts are simply breathtaking, including a manic chase or two through Paris. Don’t worry too much about the plot, except to say it is at a suitably high level of impossible, but you don’t watch a movie like this for the character development. Also worth mentioning is the updated treatment given to the soundtrack. The Lalo Schiffrin composed music was always one of the more memorable TV theme tunes, here it is given a major work up, and if it doesn’t drive the action, it keeps up with it throughout. My hope now is that Cruise gives the IM franchise up. l would not like to see him try and top this effort, and he no longer looks young enough to keep carrying the part.


Tom Cruise is the GOAT of acting


I probably won’t go to the movies to watch this.
But at some point in my life I am going to see it


This looks damn good. I’m sure Rami Malek will kill it


Is this a real thing, or is it just fantasy?


For mine Children of Men should be second and both Predestination and Ex Machina should be higher.


How the F, does 2001 not make the list.


its not thrilling in the slightest. snoozefest.



It’s a masterpiece, it’s sci fi. That’s the first list I’ve ever seen that didn’t include it.


Very good point.

Stalker is probably a little stiff as well.


the list is specifically sci fi thrillers. I dont think 2001 is a thriller.