At the movies


Hmmm, you may be right.

Although HAL is set up to be kind of a thriller.


2001 was one of the most boring films I’ve ever seen.


Love 2001.
Would be interested in the reason for its exclusion.
I’m a fan of Primer and District 9, but their high ranking is a little rich, even for me.
Total Recall is just trolling.

No Gattaca?

Actually…this whole list confuses me.

Edit: Invasion of the Body Snatchers really doesn’t feel like it belongs.
More horror.
I think I’d find a spot for Eternal Sunshine, too.


I wasn’t that impressed by Children of Men…but it may just be due to Clive Owen. I’ve never liked anything he’s been in. I remember him being rumoured to be the new James Bond, before Daniel Craig got it. I’m thankful they went in that direction.


Do you remember how this ended up last time


Something about telling my mother I’d killed a man?




So…Total Recall?

Edit: also, while this is only a superficial categorisation, the interwebs class Gattaca and Inception as Sci-fi/Thriller.
Eternal Sunshine as sci-fi/drama.
Lol. Total Recall as fantasy/thriller.
Body Snatchers and The Thing as fantasy/sci-fi, as is 2001.

Again, I’d read an article explaining their decisions.


Great movie.
Not really a thriller though innit?
Farked list.


I’m curious. Those saying 2001 was a great movie, did you read the book prior?


I did.
I was probably too young to appreciate it, though.


You have to divide 2001 into 2 parts. The first part is about the trip to wherever it was and the man v computer battle. That’s great, and gripping, and it’s a thriller.

Then there’s the stone-age prologue at the beginning and the light show and star baby stuff at the end. That’s hopeless jumbled rubbish, boring as batshit, and the complete opposite of a thriller.


My main gripe with the movie is that I think it’s too obtuse without having prior knowledge of its themes/ symbolism. On first watching i found it utterly boring. Reading up on it’s meaning/ themes and then watching it again provided more enjoyment, but still found it somewhat slow.

But then again I’m not a massive Kubrick fan.


It became an epic blitz cover version.


I love the ape prologue.


Yes. Loved the book.


When did you first watch it?
How old were you and/or how long after it came out?


4 years ago? Would have been 20 or so.


For context the movie was released in 1968. How many other movies from that era are edge of your seat thriller?

Pacing, editing, sound has evolved so much in the last 50 years to give the thrills.


I think that may be the problem.
It’s easy to underestimate the wonder you feel when something is ‘new’ and ‘edgy’. That’s what 2001 was. Very different, pushing boundaries. I can certainly see how it would just seem like a boring old movie now.

Same as I feel about any Start Wars movie, tbh. I think the originals were utter rubbish. Probably because I first watched them a few years ago.