At the movies


I think I am more excited for this than my students.


You were young?


Also, any sci movie list without Gattaca on it is not worth anyone’s time IMO


Before the Kardashians were a thing, yes.




During Glasnost, before 9/11.
Suck it.


There is a whole generation of people about to leave high school and enter the work force that were born after 9/11, that blows my mind.


What’s glasnost? Is it an old person reference of some sort, like sixpence or some such thing


We had a work experience kid in our office. Born 2002. How can that actually be a thing


Is @SMJ even that young?

Aren’t you my age?


End of the Cold War.
Before global warming was a thing.
It was a time when the biggest thing we had to worry about was…
Geez, let me see…
INXS biggest band in the world.
Cricket world champions.
Recent back to back flags.
Yahoo Serious was an international success.

Sorry, I’ve really got nothing here.


I’m your age I think, but I’m still allowed to make fun of people who are 137, right?


And if you want things that will blow your mind, one of my children will have to say that Donald Trump was president when she was born. How messed up is that


Anyway: movies:


If I’ve learnt anything over the last few months, its that if your not yet 40 your a young millennial, if your older than 40 your an old boomer.


I suppose.

But I reckon it’s more fun hanging it on the kids of today, with their loud music, and Dan Fogelberg, zima, hula hoops, and their pac man video games.


And their bisexuality? I mean pick a side already geeeesh


Please tell me you didn’t just miss my Baseketball reference?


I watched the first one in 1978. I thought it was boring rubbish then and have never watched any of the others. It’s just a straight old-fashioned goodies v baddies movie, but the swords are called light sabres. And they fly around in speceships instead of riding horses or driving cars.


No one can tell him he’s wrong