At the movies


Sure - but given your comments about a number of movies, that is to be expected. I suggest going to non-boring movies in the future. There is a reason that most people like the movies you don’t like Blade runner and 2001. It’s just not your type - but they are not ‘boring and rubbish’ to a lot of people.
Like my example above about Star Wars - I think they are awful - most people think they are brilliant.


The AIDs virus was going to kill all of us.


My top 5 Sci-Fi films:

  1. Bladerunner
  2. Alien
  3. Arrival
  4. Children of Men
  5. Ex Machina

HM - Predestination, Under the Skin, Looper


Oh yeah, that’s right.
Luckily, no-one was remotely interested in having sex with me.
Chalk another win up to wim. Heh heh heh.


Oi…you leave my mate Shelton alone.

But Star Wars, like a heap of those outer space fillums, are just like Westerns with guys wearing black hats and guys wearing white hats and them damn Redskins. Thing about space films is you can’t be accused of using ethnic stereotypes.


Star Wars does this heaps. Especially in the prequels.


Exactly. Cowboys v Indians, Cops v Robbers, Goodies v Baddies. Us v Them. I was disappointed in Star Wars because it had been hyped as something new, and yet the story was as old as the hills. I didn’t think the special effects were all that great either. One thing that was really amazing about 2001 was the special effects: the wheel-shaped space station and the sense of the enormous scale; that incredibly beautiful sequence of the shuttle craft coming into dock at the immense mother ship. The opening scenes of Gravity had a similar feel before it degenerated into the girl in the shaky seat try to control the damaged vehicle which were no different at all from pilot in fighter jet, driver in fast car, runaway train, etc.


No love for The Matrix?


Look up Avalon.
Matrix was based on it.


Was a very good film


The movie released two years after the Matrix?


Unless Avalon was a book


Well whaddya know.
I just looked it up myself, and discovered I’d been mistaken all along.


Just got home after seeing the new Mission Impossible movie.

An excellent action movie, great stunts with Cruise at his best.

Well worth the watch


Just got home from seeing it. Very entertaining. Some of it prediactable some not so much.

Some top notch action scenes. Probably one of the best car chase style sequences I have seen in a long long time


Did you predict that it would be entertaining?


The twists and turns. Some I picked some surprised the hell out of me


Went and watched the new Mission Impossible last night and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was.

Had a lot more close-up shots than your standard action film which made it feel more personal and more like an espionage film than an action film.

The car chase scenes were as good as I have seen for a long time. In particular the use of the cameras trailing behind the cars rather than attached to them gave you more of a sense of watching the action unfold in front of you rather than being a part of it like most movies do these days.

Would highly recommend for all to watch even if you’re not a massive action film fan.



What a tool. Can’t even imagine what his family must go through when he does that stuff. Just use safety gear you flog