At the movies


Due to a dearth of English language movies, my wife and l went to see Th Meg, yesterday. She is a fan of horror movies, l less so. Anyway, it was all very predictable in a sort of ho hum manner, and not what l would call scary. l do wonder though what it is about the human psyche that makes sharks such an attractive target for our fears. But l digress. 5.5 / 10.


Jason Statham v.s a Shark…IM IN!


It’s not a horror though?


My wife jumped a few times, in the right places, but l didn’t find it frightening. Then again l have seen more movies than her, so l was expecting most of the the action points.


Has anyone seen equaliser 2


Yeah. Was decent, not as good as the first though. Denzel is always watchable though


Finally got around to watching the animated Batman film “the killing joke”. I had heard such great things, but it was pretty disappointing, ending was weird too


The fact Cruise doss all his own stunts too, breaking ankle on the jump, flying helicopters, skydives…he puts people like the rock (over rated) and most other actors in that genre to shame. Regardles what people think of him personally




Just watched predators which I think is very underrated. I believe the predator (as in the Langford) is due in September.

Hope to god they don’t screw it up. I’m hearing stories about rewrites, more shoots etc which is what killed suicide squad. Which had a heap of potential with David Ayer until the producers got involved and said lighten it up because Batman v Superman was so depressing. And stupid.

The new predator has Shane black who is an awesome director. From what I’ve read they’re going in the opposite direction as in they tested it and came back as not scary or dark enough. Ffs.

I’m a movie snob and proud of it and it ■■■■■■ me off when producers start meddling in scripts which would definitely appeal to certain movie goers rather than dilute it for the great unwashed.

I’ve had enough of Hollywood bleeding movies so they can make a killing.


People kill more sharks, than sharks kill people.


Yeah I know, man. I also know how farkin stupid people are.
But c’mon - you don’t understand why people are scared of sharks?


That is not exactly what l said, or rather not what l meant. l wonder what makes them so attractive as a vehicle for movies. First Jaws, and its lame and lamentable sequels, now this. l can’t comment on the Sharknado series, or whatever they are called, as l refuse to watch such silliness.


It’s the fear of the unknown that is the greatest of all.
The dark - under the bed, behind the corner, the rustle, the shadow, down in the abyss, behind the tree…surging up from the depths… a horror of glistening blooody teeth and death

It’s our subconscious throwing back to when we were more prey than now - when it paid to be scared and twitchy. Have you heard the ‘dragon theory’?


Is it anything like Anne Elk’s theory on Brontosauruses?
I think she’s onto something there.


That’s some pretty advanced sharks you got there


They be everywhere, man.
Like pirate-monkeys.


Choose the form of the destructor


What do you mean, ‘choose’?
I …don’t understand!


Yep. It’s the stay puffed marshmallow man