At the movies


I thought it was going to be redneck zombies.
Or possibly a merman.


Predators is pretty good. The original predator still stands up today, one of arnie’s Best films.

As you said I really hope the new one is good. Shane Black wrote it and is directing it. Which gives me confidence, especially considering he would know more than anyone what made the original great

The less said about the predator sequel the better


Not sure how Only God Forgives made this list.

The Raid 1 & 2 should be on top.

Far superior films to the John Wick films.


I just soiled my dacks looking at that photo.


Does the list go from 7 to 5?

anyway the man from nowhere is way better than john wick, and im a massive fan of the JW.


Yeah, I rate John Wick but it’s a little overrated.

Man from nowhere is excellent!

Have you seen I Saw the Devil?


Yup, went on a bit of a korean action kick a few months ago. they do it far better than the west currently, imo.


Yep, they make some seriously good films on very tight budgets.



Also loved Predators. Can’t wait for the new one.

Saw Tag last night…I actually didn’t mind it.


Koreans do Korean Action far better than the west? That’s a shock.



In town for a few days and there wasn’t much on at the cinema that attracted me. Saw the reviews for a film that was on at the Spanish Film Festival, Summer 1993,that had all sorts of great reviews about a little girl’s childhood after the death (from HIV) of her mother and subsequent adoption by her uncle and aunt in the countryside outside Girona.

Well, some of these reviewers should be sacked. I know the English and Latin words, boredom and tedium, but struggling with the French word, for ennui.

Bugger all happened, and it was all in Catalan. There were a few expressions of relief, and dismay, when the novie ended. Relief that there were two hours we’d never get back, and dismay that we’d expended the hard-earned.

A couple of trailers of interest - McQueen, a doco on London fashion designer Alexander McQueen. I’ll be avoiding that like the plague. The fashion industry is THE most useless, self-indulgent industry in the world, bar none. All the tripe his models wear, you’d never see them worn in real society. And Ladies in Black might be of some interest…set in Sydney in 1959 and with Noni Hazelhurst and Rachael Taylor.



Mile 22. 2018. 94 min. 7 / 10

Directed by Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Rhonda Rousey & John Malkovich.

Wahlberg heads up a secret CIA unit, Overwatch. They do dirty jobs that others don’t want to do, or unable to complete, a bit like Cruise and MI team, but not as far out there. Malkovich controls the operations from a remote location. They are intent on split second timing, to avoid as much trouble as possible, as the opening scene shows. They are given an assignment to extract an asset (Indonesian action sat Iko Uwais; The Rais 2) from an unnamed country who has information on missing cesium that could be used to make 6 dirty bombs. The location of the missing cesium is on a locked computer drive and only he has the code to open it. The title comes from the distance the team must travel from the embassy to the airport, where they will fly the asset out. So there are elements of Heat, 16 Blocks and The Gauntlet in the plot, while the use of surveillance techniques recalls elements of Enemy of The State. MW also features in other scenes, debriefing after the event, from his comments in those scenes it is clear that things didn’t all go to plan.

The good: The movie does a good job of showing the latest technology available. The plot is strong, right until the very end. Iko Uwais is great in his action scenes.

The not so good: The MW portrayal of his character walks a fine line between being credible and going completely over the top, too often he crosses over the line. He also has a tendency to talk too much. The editing is a bit too hectic in some of the fight scenes. The film is set in SE Asia, but filmed in Bogota, Colombia, they could have used a real location.


is that the guy from The Raid? his fight scenes in that film were some of the best if not THE BEST i have ever seen!


In Raid 2, AFAIK. l haven’t seen either raid movie but an educated guess, says it is the same guy, who is an expert in an Indonesian martial art. His fight scenes are spectacular, and he was he was co-fight choreographer. He was also in Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens.


Yep that’s the guy. I cannot recommend the Raid films enough. Just brilliantly done.


Is the meg any good


I havent seen it, but no.