At the movies


Thanks Margaret


I’d be keener to see it if it had Mila Kunis in it.
Just so I could go, ha!




l got taken to it a few weeks ago, as horror is my wife’s favourite genre. If you don’t mind predictable, then it is how shall l say… a cheap bit of rubbish. Laughable in places it really shouldn’t be. l couldn’t at the time, but l advise you to avoid it.


I always feel weird eating flake after watching a ‘Shark eats people’ movie.

Like Karma’s gonna get me or something.


Do you eat fish and chips only at the beach?


Only hope is megnado crossover follows



Is Tiffany reprising her role from the original


Watched 3 movies on the plane from Ireland to New York.

Isle of Dogs - was not what I expected. Enjoyed it. Yeah for dogs.

A Quiet Place - another different one. Enjoyed it too. The bit in the silo was pretty scary.

The Journeyman - English movie. A boxer acquires a brain injury after winning a world title. Enjoyed it too.


So you must have had an enjoyable plane ride? :wink:


Sci-fi Thrillers missed from the list
The Abyss
Event Horizon
In Time
Enemy Mine
Pitch Black
Red Planet
The Last Starfighter


I walked out of Pitch Black.
And I’m not a movie walker-outerer.


Was pitch black the first one or the second one. The first one was supposed to be pretty good.


Pitch Black was the first one and I believe it was shot in SA.

I thought it was a pretty solid movie.

More sci-fi horror than thriller though.


The only movie I ever walked out on was rising sun with Sean Connery and Wesley snipes.
I think it was because it was ■■■■■ and I still had credits on air hockey in the arcade.


Instead of SA perhaps the movie should have been on a rollercoaster to enlighten your thrill expectations.


Nah, it was about halfway through and I realised I didn’t relate to or like any of the characters, or care what happened to them.

I assume what I missed basically followed the plot of Aliens?


Yes Turbulence for mine was a complete and utter bucket of ■■■■!
A mate said he walked out of Brady Bunch.
I was like WTF were you thinking paying money to see it in the 1st place…expensive answer was the missus.


Radha Mitchell is hot!