At the movies




There’s your third walk out



Is Flesh Gordon not a ■■■■■?


Soft core. Very soft. Barely a boob to be seen, as I recall.


So there really is a film flesh gordon? Thought it was a typo for flash gordon lol.


Force Majeure

“Comedy-drama”, fk off it is.



I was like “…I don’t remember that bit”


Haha me too - I thought the film was so preposterous that there would have been a scene like that even if I couldn’t remember.


“I only read Playboy for the articles.”


Booborama, but that’s about it.


Seems like such a waste of name… how is this not a ■■■■ parady already


Saw an Australian “comedy” tonight, The Flip Side, set in Adelaide, about an English film star, Eddie Izzard, who comes to Adelaide with his girlfriend to catch up with a failing restaurauter. They stay with her and her boyfriend, always freeloading, but the French girlfriend is constantly putting Australia down.

Pretty lame. I was the only person in the theatre.


Did you have a smoko?


Is crazy rich Asians any good?

I’d like a crazy rich Asian…


C’mon, what would you do with him, tiger?


I’d work something out.

Dim Sum with his daughter?


Watched Summer of 84, such a cash in on stranger things and it…but still…I enjoyed it


Watched 95% of Hereditary before the battery on the computer ran out and the cord was elsewhere.

It’s a load of old tosh, of course, but most things are.
Tense as a very tense thing for reasons that don’t really have a lot to do with plot.
The performances, sound, editing (lots of jump cuts (as opposed to jump scares which it doesn’t have) that keep you off balance) and the set design (which actually is part of the plot) all combine to make a lot out of a little.

I’d like to see the end.
Have to wait for LMW to get home from rehearsal tonight.


Just rewatched AVP. Still trying to decide if it’s an indictment on the franchise that it’s the second best predator movie