At the movies


The one with Adrian Brody is probably the second best one, but, that’s not saying much. :smiley:


Nah watched that recently too, along with Predator 2. Adrian Brody is a good actor but totally miscast in that. Always felt I was watching an actor play a Merc with a cookie cutter backstory. The rest of the acting is just bad. They try to give some of the characters poignant moments but I couldn’t have cared less about them. The pacing is awful, overall the movie is pretty boring.


Apart from the predator and the chick that could speak English no one in the first predator movie could act.
Predators is harshly judged. There are some pretty good actors in that one - Walton goggins was perfectly cast. Adrian Brody is playing well against type but he’s fine. Yes they drop his voice down to bale DK levels but so what. Did not see topher grace twist coming which was always a bit obvious in hindsight.
It’s got nothing new on the first one plot wise apart from location but ffs it’s a predator movie.
It’s the second best - hopefully for not much longer - but even if the avp and the sequel where half decent it should still be.
You should all be ashamed.


Watched the last fifteen minutes of Hereditary.
It’s quite good, if you like creepy, tense horror.

Shame I couldn’t watch it all in one sitting.

I kind of feel like if you didn’t like Mother! though, then you might not like this.


I’m a pus$y when it comes to horror movies so I just read the ones in wiki.
That one sounds blo0dy horrible.
I don’t know what the fascination is.


I think there’s a difference between slasher/gore films and this sort of thing.
I’m not saying ‘there’s a monster chasing us’ films are all terrible, but I think the good ones are the exception.

Like I said, it’s a load of old tosh, but nearly everything is.
Inception, for instance.
Plot-wise Inception is the biggest load of silliness you’ll ever see, but that’s not the point.

One could argue that All films try to manipulate you into feeling a certain way, and the success of a film depends on how well it does that.

I think Hereditary uses sound, editing and different perspectives to do that very well.

I understand the being a ■■■■■ part, though.
I think the older a person gets, the less appealing horror becomes.
And I think young people like horror so much (generally, obviously there are exceptions) because of their naivity.
I’m not quite sure how to put it, and this is clumsy, but I think young people are braver about horror because they haven’t really suffered themselves.


On SBS, I just watched a 2011 French film called “The kid with a bike”…it’s about a troublesome boy, acting up, and his interaction with the people around him…I thought it was very well acted, and never boring. I’m happy to recommend it.


Just watched Animal Farn.

** Id just like to announce that I now declare myself a vegetarian.


Every time i watch Devils Advocate, the more I am convinced it is one of the better movies of the 90s.




Not a fan?


It was a more a nod to one of the male leads.


Bodacious pun dude.


Do not like the genre at all, I don’t see the point in wasting my time and money to get that feeling, really? Why?

Wife and brother took me to the IT film last year, they had more entertainment watching my reaction, than the film it’s self.

I just don’t get it, but then again I have never seen Harry Potter or enjoyed star wars , so i guess I’m weird.


I know Kung fu


I don’t mind devils advocate too much. And I don’t mind keanu films too much either. It’s just when you put him in any serious movie I’m still waiting for him to air guitar at the slightest root euphemism.


Tickets booked.
Not taking girlfriends Mum.


I must be in a minority but I think it looks ■■■■.


looks like hot garbage

hey let’s turn everything into a marvel comedy genre and overlay with rap music, not enough rap music in hollywood films these days


loved the original though


It looks like utter rubbish to be honest. Who, in 2018, advertises their film as ‘having attitude’ without at least some level of irony? The early 2000s called, they want their cringeworthy cliches back.

But I’m still seeing it on Tusday, along with the mate who I’ve seen every Alien and Predator movie with multiple times since we were old enough to rent AO films from the video shop.

Still waiting for a second good Predator film. Not hopeful