At the movies


Dunkirk is on Foxtel at the moment. I haven’t seen all of it and I won’t bother. Totally dependant on extremely unconvincing CGI. Cornball.


More a Dam Busters man?


People that don’t like Dunkirk didn’t see it at a cinema in 70mm therefore their opinion doesn’t matter.


You might be right but I doubt it. Really good films stand up under less than perfect viewing conditions. When you lose some of the cinematic effects the deficiencies of writing, acting, structure and so on become apparent.


Nolan has gone so far up his own ■■■■ I’m not sure he will ever be found.

His last few films have been very pretentious.


I have a very small brain so I don’t leave any thing at the door. You sound cultured so I suggest abandoning your cerebellum and associated anatomy at the lolly shop and enjoy the ride.
Non stop killing, maiming, perving,giggling. And tripping out.
Go see.



Seriously so good at the cinemas I watched twice and also on TV

Alot of it gets lost on the small screen


You wouldn’t look at a ■■■■■■ Polaroid of the cistine chapel and go eh looks pretty crap.

It wasn’t a movie about story and characters. It was an experience of tension. Which you only experienced properly in a cinema.


You have it your way. I’ll have it mine.


Dad and I came out of Dunkirk physically exhausted. In fact I haven’t felt like watching it again because it is a “hard work” type of film. For us, it did exactly what Nolan aimed to do, created a never ending escalation of tension. Good film.


I went and watched it at the cinema for the big screen experience…I enjoyed it but left a bit confused about the story line…the cinematic experience was excellent though.

I’ve since watched it again at home and picked up on more of the story lines and the way they mesh…this has improved my overall understanding of the movie.

Nolan always makes you think…he did that again in Dunkirk but without any of the benefits of his sci fi movies (making up whatever he wants).

I’m pretty sure that Dunkirk will be spoken about for many years to come.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a war movie remotely like it, which is rating enough on its own.
There are themes there, especially in the little boat crossing, if you want to delve into that.
You don’t have to or need to, but they’re there.

I find the CGI a really odd complaint. I didn’t particularly notice it, or ever feel like the film relied on ‘effects.’
It’s not friggin’ Avatar.


The effects were minimal, and when utilised, done exceptionally well… bizarre thing to complain about


Found this interesting. He structured the film and scored the film to create a never ending escalation of tension.


Chris Nolan is the man, anyone who feels differently can eat my sack


you know he didn’t direct iron man 3 right?


Nolan may be absolutely amazing, but not even he is capable of directing the MASTERPIECE that is Iron Man 3😛


Been sick all week so watched a ton of films

Glory- civil war film about black men fighting in the war. Brutal film, especially the last battle. Some big names in it, freeman,denzel, Broderick. Will never understand why each side just they stood there and waited to get hit after they had fired their shot.

Overboard- saw it years and years ago. Re watched it, Fun film

Small soldiers- loved it as a kid. Watching it as an adult now, not so great. End battle is decent for a kids movie

Days of thunder- pretty entertaining.never really understood the fascination with nascar racing, but the story was good and Duvall, cruise, rooker were really good. Kidman is complete and utter trash as she always is

The French connection- heard it was a classic. First 30min was incredibly boring. Once it got going was very good. Great car chase, some good tension. Didn’t like the ending, but I did read there was a sequel so hopefully there is a better conclusion to wrap it up

Déjà vu- denzel watchable as always, the main women is absolutely gorgeous . Tony Scott made some very entertaining films. Better than his brother imo


Tony Scott was great. Crimson Tide and True Romance are criminally underrated movies.

I’d also add enemy of the state to that list. But I generally like anything with gene hackman in it,


Crimson Tide is insane good. Fabulous score too.