At the movies


I think you’ve missed the point, rather than the movie missing the mark


Rumour has it that Tarantino did the rewrite of that film when he was still making his way in Hollywood


I am a Tony Scott fan. He loves to set up scenes in which the screen is full of colour and the action perfectly choreographed. The opening scene of Déjà Vu where the boat is blown up is a masterpiece. The scene in True Romance with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is unforgettable. My favourite of his films is The Hunger, made in 1983 with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve as vampires. Susan Sarandon is in it and a bit out of her depth, but she’s still pretty good and the seduction scene between her and Catherine Deneuve is breathtaking. Not all of his films are great but they’re all interesting.


Good for you.


Nicole’s legs are good in that NASCAR film.

Speaking of wondering if films are as good as you thought they were, I’d like to see Taps again one day.


I haven’t seen true romance, I will have to check it out

My favourite tony Scott films are Man on Fire and Crimson Tide. The score in crimson tide is magnificent


Your movie reviews are a lot like the ones from one of my best mates. A mate who has an almost perfect opposite view of them to I. It’s very handy, to be honest.


Lol…um…your welcome?


Bask in the glory


Sweet damn that’s awesome. Might watch it tonight.

Whatever happened to Hackman? Did he retire, I don’t think I have seen him in anything for over a decade.


Yep retired


Speaking of horses did you ever see those Lipizzaner stallions.


Fantastic scene. Tarrentino had a hand in a lot of those dialogues, it shows.


l like the sequel even more than the first. l was fortunate enough to see them as double feature in a cinema, so the big screen helped.



No matter how much I change my TV settings, I can’t make the plot of The Dark Knight Rises any less dumb


I never knew this, but once you think about it it does make sense!


would have to be one of the only times in his career where Tarantino had a hand in putting something decent on film.



If nothing else, and I’d argue that there’s a lot more, he wrote the Hopper-Walken duologue.


I get what you’re saying but the argument against tarrentino is a bit of a cliche. Later works are pure self indulgence, but Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Basterds, Django are all pretty decent flicks. I’d put pulp fiction in there but that’s probably trigger you haha