At the movies


High Noon was the one particular film.i was thinking of.

Do not forsake me, oh my darling, on this our wedding day.

No…not you…one of the best allegorical films ever.



Is that the barber pole music again?


I’m gonna post this again, in case anyone missed it.


Ahh,… Clint as cranky old fk again, … ripper.

Can’t get enough of that.


Watching back to the future in my underpants on the couch.
Gotta love a free Saturday morning


I’ve heard from several sources that Venom was no good but I just got shouted a night out at Gold Class and had a perfectly enjoyable time. It wasn’t the greatest movie but it was done pretty well with a few good laughs. Nowhere near as bad as say Green Lantern or Daredevil.


I read the spoilers thinking it was bolocks.
Damn you to hell


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Dustin Fletcher did the costumes.


Had a look at the 2018 Australian movie Swinging Safari about those halcyon days of the 80s.

What a load of ■■■■■■■ tripe. Directed by Stephan Elliott who directed the previous worst Australian film, Welcome to Woop Woop. He also directed Priscilla, which I haven’t seen.

Stars Guy Pearce, Asher Keddie, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon, Radha Mitchell, Jeremy Sims and Jack Thompson about three families in a court on the Gold Coast.


Perhaps give Priscilla a look, it’s good.


Should be in secret shame but I didn’t mind it either. Or clueless.


Can’t imagine that will ever happen.

I wouldn’t even watch it if it were in French or Spanish…or even Greek.


You’d love clueless


Was that the Alicia Silverstone one about Valley Girls? If so…saw it yonks back.


Why not? It’s an Aussie classic


I don’t understand how someone can have seen Welcome to Woop Woop and not Priscilla.

Did you watch it for a bet?


Maybe a bit late, but I watched Upgrade.

Best work Leigh Wannel has done since Saw.
Great Sci Fi.
Highly recommended.


Yes. It’s a modern day version of Jane Austen’s Emma.


Danny Elfmann is underrated.