At the movies



I watched Inside Out on the plane recently. Had seen pretty much everything else they were showing.

We ■■■■ me if it wasn’t absolutely amazing. I’d seen nearly every animated (US) film of recent time thanks to the kids and I reckon this must be close to the best.


That looks insane


For those who are interested, Blade Runner (Final Cut) is on at the Astor tonight at 7.30. I may drag myself along. Or not, as the case may be.


Don’t know if he’s under rated as much as he’s just forgotten.
I hate randy Newman.


So you’re a short person, are you?


His only saving grace was sweet little buttercup



Is there anybody who has not cried when watching that scene for the first time?

This, the opening of Up and the ending of Inside Out are guaranteed tear jerkers.


I realise sameolds was referring to his scores, but still.
His '96ish(?) Bad Love album is one of my all time favourites, but I’ll concede he’s an acquired taste.
His humour, his voice, and the schmaltz.


It’s quite brilliant.

‘up’ is really good too but not quite on the same level. That said I nearly weed the first time I met the dogs i laughed so hard


Glass? Pass.
l saw Unbreakable, it was almost unwatchable.
Split? A bit of bullshit.


His performance as the singing bush in three amigos was commendable


Saw Venom tonight. Wasn’t as bad as the critics suggested but it was still pretty bad. Tom hardy was acting drunk a lot of the movie, I had high hopes with him in the role but I just thought he played it poorly.

The scenes between Brock and venom were the highlight. Villain was good, rest was pretty average

The after credits thing was probably the dumbest/weirdest thing I have ever seen in that spot


Con Air when Poe finally says happy birthday to his daughter that he has never seen.


When frank breaks it off with Jane in naked gun.


Saw Bad Time at the El Royale. Very good film. Probably 15min too long but very entertaining and keeps you on your toes as to what each characters intentions are


It was ■■■■. Story was as connected as the sanga


Royale or venom?


The Death of Stalin. Quite funny