At the movies




It was great. BacchusFox probably shed a tear when Uncle Joe kicked off. And his other mate, Beria.


So you didn’t like royal AND iron man 3…WHO HURT YOU?


Makers of ■■■■ movies.


I saw “first man”.

About an hour too long. Don’t bother.


There are tips to making a nice sandwich in a differing thread.


I enjoyed it. A bit slow perhaps and a bit more of a personal drama piece than epic Hollywood spectacle.

Foy is awesome


Oh some good acting for sure. Marathon film though.


Only just realised Foy is the new Lisbeth Salamander


just because its girl with dragon tattoo doesn’t the character is reptilian ivan


Ha ha, I honestly thought that was the character’s name. In hindsight it is a silly name.


Just getting around to watching wonder woman, its pretty good.


Watched the original planet of the apes last night with Charlton Heston, heard a bit about it but never seen it. Pretty good film. A lot of it still stands up



Lol, that was such a weird scene


I don’t think a lot of people realise how much of a phenomenon Planet of the Apes was back in the seventies.


Watched The Shining (1980)

Films were just made better back then, eh?

Seriously wow, those long camera shots, the director actually gets you thinking and lets you come to your own conclusion

Films these days are just produced on mass, this felt polished and thought out


Watched 2001 space odyssey last night for the first time. Apart from the 30odd min with hal it was a steaming turd of a film.


Finally…I agree with you. Indescribably boring.


Watched Head On (1998) yesterday, was fairly intense. The performances all round were very good.

(also can’t believe it took so many years for me to watch it.)

@efc1robbo agree re 2001 Space Odyssey, although I did enjoy some of the music in parts.