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What a maudlin turn we have taken.

Robin Hood 2018 Directed by David Bathurst 116 min. 5 / 10
Forget all about the story as you know it. This is not so much an update or retelling as a complete fantasy. The characters are very loosely based on the same, but the flimsy plot which now mimics elements of the tale of Zorro, is simply window dressing for plenty of set action pieces. The opening also takes a modern ME warfare sensibility and transplants it holus bolus into the crusades, and this also carries over to the soldier’s uniforms, and the style of fighting. So if you okay with that sort of thing, you won’t mind the rest of what follows. So long as you check any and all previous considerations of the legend this is based on, you can just sit back enjoy the impressive action, which had my wife really jumping around in her seat.
So in place of recreating original period costumes we get modern casual dress styles for Robin Hood/Loxley (Taron Egerton) and the Sherriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn), what wouldn’t look out of place on a runway in Paris. The fighting styles also follow the same sensibility. While the soldiers of the Sherriff are in masks that recall the Invincibles from 300. Come to think of it, this entire film has more than a bit of the look and feel of a comic book, or graphic novel for those who don’t like the first term. Even Nottingham is made to look more like something out of Middle Earth, rather than the Midlands. Mendlesohn is the only one of the cast who comes out with his reputation even remotely intact, while Jamie Foxx is all huff and puff. Unfortunately the whole thing is set up for a sequel, l hope they don’t follow up.


surely it cant be worse then Russell Crowes Robin Hood though


If not worse than, it is no better, and don’t call me Shirley.


wow- it really must suck then. Trailers for it looked pretty rubbish.


Trailers are only going to show you the flashiest parts, and highlight the action. In this case there isn’t much to back it up.


I taped this a few weeks ago, will hold off watching it for the time being. Didn’t realise it would be a tear jerker

(I need uplifting at the moment rather than sorrow)


Jerry Maguire.


Nope, (don’t like that movie) thanks though.:slightly_smiling_face:

Gunna watch a few episodes of Rake am sure I will get a few laughs (watched the first episode last night).


:thinking: I know, … “The Castle”.

Also, … just watched the rest of Rake the other night, … the last few Eps kinda saved it.

Couldn’t help but notice all the best ones involved him being back in a Court room.


trust me its very uplifting, but still tear inducing


Watch some episodes of Taskmaster - some genuinely funny laughs


Yeah…I only watched that a few days ago and the end got me big time


A mate of mine got on the turps once just as he thought he was coming down off gastro. He had an accident so bad and graphic he got the title as a nickname. Haven’t been able to see it any other way as a comedy since


Why was he called Dead Poets Society? Was he just going from bard to verse?


I cried when Mickey died in Rocky 3.


Was a great movie but one I could never watch again, too upsetting

Interstellar when he has been gone for years and years and watched his kids tapes of heart breaking as well


On second thought, l rate Robin Hood down to a 3. The TV series ‘Arrow’ is better.


Thank you for the suggestion. I have given this a lot of thought. I’ll stick with eaten to death.