At the movies


That’s not made by Marvel though


What I like about Marvel is how they pick interesting directors. The Russo brothers got the gig for Captain America 2 off their work filming a paintball fight on the tv show Community. Taika Waititi got the gig off a low budget NZ vampire comedy What We Do In The Shadows. That’s some ballsy hiring there.


I watched it last night as well, was tired after work so thought I would fall asleep.

Big Comic fan from the 80’s and 90’s so to see all my fav characters on the big screen helps, this was a romper stomp action flick, friggin loved it!

And seeing Woody Harrelson being Carnage at the end of the movie, OMFG they have to do Maximum Carnage.

I don’t know why this was downrated in reviews as it just flies and couldn’t believe it had finished, throw Spiderman in there…what a team up.

Great Marvel Movie!!! and Michelle Williams!


Interested in people’s thoughts on their favourite support actor/actress.

To kick it off I nominate John C Reilly.

You could argue that he is an ensemble actor rather than straight out support but every time he’s in a film he steals the show.

Boogie Nights and Magnolia are the pinnacle of his career but even in average films like The River Wild and The Perfect Storm he is enjoyable to watch.

Honourable mention to Roy Scheider.


Stanley Tucci loved him in every movie I’ve seen him in.

Am yet to see The Children Act, but just know he will be good.


John Cazale,



Dog Day Aternoon, the first 2 Godfather films, The Conversation and The Deer Hunter is quite a strikerate considering how few films he made.


Kind of obvious, but Seymour-Hoffman.
He’s even outstanding in The Hunger Games.


Well Carnage is a happy alternative for people like you that give a ■■■■.


Yeah…everybody else who bags it can go watch Maid in Manhatten 2 or whatever the ■■■■.
Enjoy until next time its Wingardiumleviosar.


John C Reilly is a great choice. Had him in mind as well.

For me, though, hard to go past Robert Duvall & Pete Postlethwaite.


Eric Roberts.


Does anything you say make sense?


Think l will give Venom a miss.


Yeah John C Reilly’s right up there.

Tom Sizemore had a good run in supporting roles for a while. He was great in Heat, True Romance, and Saving Private Ryan and then he kind of disappeared.


Sizemore touches kids. Don’t think you’ll see him again.


Is that right? Hadn’t heard that. Remember reading he’d got on the persians pretty hard, so thought that might have been the reason.


I just can’t go past godfather part two to be honest. As good as he is in deer hunter, that scene where he’s basically confessing at the lake house is an absolute all time great scene.


Dog Day Afternoon for mine.

Perfect foil to Pacino’s flamboyant character.


Harvey Keitel. Very rarely lead, always fantastic supporting.
Also - Tim Roth.