At the movies


I’m gutted these are the reviews they’re getting.
No doubt the comparisons with sander will come streaming in now.


OF COURSE!! Love End of Days


Vice was awesome.


You were looking at her hair?


So they ■■■■■■■ ought to. As funny as a fart in a phonebox. Unless, you’re the one who unpacked your lunch, of course. Then it’s hilarious, and therefore completely unlike Sandler or Ferrell.


Bait taken


Amber amber
Let down your pants.

Did I say that out loud


I can’t decide between her or Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Because I’m so a chance.


Went and saw Ralph Breaks the Internet today (with niece and her 2 children aged 8 and 10).

Was entertaining, would recommend for kids and adults.


Just rewatched The Devils Advocate.

Better than I remember it.


I really wanted to like it - I loved the Big Short - but thought it was super, super boring. Definitely 30-45 minutes longer than it needed to be. And it wasn’t really clear to me what the point of it was.

Bale was good, though.


Just watched scareface again.
Makes me want to be less successful


Wilson has a movie about her now?

Fkn, … why?


Just watched Bird Box. It’s a movie. Starring Sandra Bullock, Jackie Weaver, BD Wong, John Malkovich and Sarah Paulson. There’s some zombies…or monsters…or possessed…or something. It doesn’t really say. But you have to keep your eyes closed because if you see the monster thing you commit suicide or go crazy or something.

As with most movies like this it’s a bunch of stupid people doing stupid things which inevitably ends up getting them killed one by one.



you missed the guy from daredevil/ full metal jacket.


The new BlackMirror movie is now screening on Netflix, which is a choose your own adventure concept popular with books BITD. Wasn’t sure how it would go as a movie but for first of its kind found it quite enjoyable maybe more than just a novelty.

I wont give away the ending as there are multiple endings but I did find sometimes it would steer you to certain situations. And near the end you do get to rechoose paths to get different endings.

I did go back to the start and rewatched just so I could see the difference from choosing sugar puffs to frosties would do and the Thompson twins over an 80’s compliation.

Something defiantly different and hope to see more of these interactive type movies.


Sounds like a good way to get stuff Pirate proof.

Can’t see how they could rip such a format, … but then again, . the geeks do continually surprise with this stuff.


Watched that with the fam tonight. Apart from all the huffing and puffing from everyone else about having to choose things, I really enjoyed it.


In the 80s Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone came out with Fighting Fantasy novels. They were real favourites for us boys that didn’t want to read much but wanted more action in a book. If made into an interactive movie just like the books it would kick any choose your own adventure in the pants!


That’s a blast from the past! Loved the Fighting Fantasy novels but did anyone seriously roll dice for the fights?