At the movies


Yes, come at me bro.

That was the modern day equivalent of serious esport players. :laughing:


Citadel of Chaos.


Have you ever watched the original Scarface from 1932 ? I had it on DVD and watched part of it before lending it out, but never got it back to see the end of it. The 1983 version i have seen so many times that i have even watched it on fast forward and it still went on forever.
There was a Scarface interactive game on Nintendo or something from about 20 years` ago that i have seen on youtube where you choose what happens and how the movie ends , sort of like this new Black mirror movie.


Bloom on Stan looks like a good flick to see . Starts on new years` day. I hope it is as good as the promos .


I know it exists but never seen the old version. It would be interesting to see what level of violence there is compared to the newer one.i hope they don’t remake it cause nothing would touch it. They’d end up getting some idiot like Joel shumacher and give everyone latex nipples.
Pacino was superb, terrifying. The chainsaw scene build beautifully and obviously ended brutally but was still a work of art. The only comparable nut job in movie history would be ledgers joker.
How’d you go in fast forward - it’s be like a psycho Benny hill wouldn’t it


I remember Creature of Havoc because we somehow convinced our primary school teacher to read this in class. Think she saw after 5 minutes that it wasn’t going to work and we did something else. :joy:


In fast forward you realise how many different scenes and plots there are in the movie.
I did the same thing with Madmax and it was over in under 2O minutes.
My 2 best movies of all time. I first saw Madmax at the highpoint drive-in after watching Convoy ,which was on before it. You don`t get double flicks like that these days.
Showing my age.


What did you think of the new mad max.

I was so confused .


It also has replay value. My OLED smart TV couldn’t play it, so ducked around to a friends and played it through the PS4 Netflix.


Fury road was just a futuristic version of madmax 2 and 3 .
I , too, was confused. Had to watch it a couple of times to get the gist of it ,but it was over the top hollywood stuff and shied away from the old fashioned aussie original too much.
Maybe i am too old school with my action films. I went to the madmax reunion at Clunes about 18 monthsago and got to see most of the original vehicles,some of the original cast members and a alot of props. They had a line up of possibly a dozen MFP XC interceptors there and theole Sandman panelvan complete with Cundalini`s hand attached with a chain to the back of it. There was alot to see . Absolutely awesome day.


Not so bright eh?

Jokes aside, that seems weird. How old is the Telly?


Watched a film called “The Lobster” last night, … I’m not sure I have the words,… but, Weird,… kinda funny, kinda stupid… yet fully engaging in a slack jawed WTFF? way.

One you won’t forget in a hurry, but ultimately the finish ended up being a tad unsatisfying for what it had built up, and although it fully helped the delivery of some hilariously deadpan lines, … I could never quite get why everyone in this Dystopian vision were compelled to speak as if they were automatons.

An absolute darling of the critics, but once you work it out, you have to ask, “How much Allegory is too much?”


You should watch some of Lanthimos other films - I’ve seen dogtooth which was weird as hell too.


In some of them. From memory there was a trilogy or a series of novels that took the reader on a quest. Good reading and the dice made it more of a challenge.

Earlier Jackson came out with the Tasks of Tantalon. Built with puzzles and colourful pictures the reader has to solve riddles. When I was a kid my mates and I figured them out, recently I bought the book and just looking through it I can’t remember how we completed it.


PS2 Scarface bit like a version on GTA


Warlock on firetop Mountain was probably the 1st one I read


House of Hell, Creatures of Havoc
…Now come to think of it that trilogy or series maybe a 4 part.
The reader was on a quest and had to kill 7 dragons.


Training day was on TV a couple of nights ago. Never seen it before. It was fantastic.


3 or 4 years, actually when I bought it thought it was 4k but it isn’t as well, will do for the racing cab when I upgrade, Its an LG first model oled curve screen.


, … well that sucks.

Edit: :thinking: Hmmm, . I imagine you’ve done so, . but, … software updated lately??