At the movies


Didn’t mind that. Pretty savage indictment on the futility of war of the type fought in WW1. Alicia Vikander played Vera Britton.


Very underrated, IMO.


Falling down.
Brady bunch pisstake movies.
Mystery men.
Three amigos.


Trading places.
Dirty rotten scoundrels.
Observe and report


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Hey hey hey Mystery Men was pretty good…loads of funnys in that movie.


I went and saw Vice. Cheney is portrayed as one hell of a ■■■■. Probably accurate.


I liked Vice.

Not as good as big short, plus half an hour to long. But the similar style and humour suit the content well.

Rockwell and Bale are brilliant.


Finally someone who appreciates Mystery Men. I reckon Mr. Furious is one of Ben Stiller’s finest roles.


“They must have taken q out of the dictionary because I don’t know the meaning of the word quit.”

And that shelia is one of the best looking woman in I’ve ever seen on the planet, but obviously knocked back Harvey as I haven’t seen her since.

Top 5 fav movies.


The team a use these quotes from the Sphinx at next training day

When you can balance tack hammer on your head, you will head of your foes with a balanced attack.

You must be like Wolf Pack not Six Pack.

I’m watching the movie now for more pointers!


We are not ready to face the enemy not until we have vanquished the enemy within ourselves.


It’s on right now.

I could almost recite the first two in my sleep, been awhile since I’ve watched GF3, enjoying it.

It’s average when compared to the first two parts, but then again depending on who you ask they are considered some of the greatest movies of all time.

That probably makes it a poor GF movie, but better than a lot of other crap that’s been made.


Thematically it’s the perfect ending. Execution wise it’s pretty poor, however.


Can someone who’s into superhero nerd stuff please tell me if it was good in your opinion because apart from amber heard in fish tights I thought it sucked.


Agreed, KJ.

On its own, GF3 is a decent & enjoyable movie. It doesn’t hold a candle to GF1 & GF2, two cinematic masterpieces, but it wasn’t as bad as some critics have expressed. I have the trilogy on Blu-ray & never tire of watching it.


You are prolly aware of this, KJ, but just in case.


It was appalling. And I often like the superhero movies.


I’m a bat man but I can generally get into these movies if it’s not to far into comic book realm. And not massively overstated. And it was both so it bit blistering balls but I was still interested in the reviews which have come out pretty positive. I hated s v b, justice league was just ok, and you could tell suicide squad had been fkd with by producers. I’m sorry but I’ll admit ww was a massive perv and that was it.
Black panther wasn’t bad.

I hate all the marvel stuff except for iron man 3.

The moral here is I’m never going to another superhero movie again unless it’s Batman and directed by Chris Nolan. and there is not a single exchange of Martha between anyone. And there’s no justice league types. Its just Batman, everyone’s a human, and he’s pissd off and the whole worlds going to pay big time.

And Michelle phfiffer is cat woman again or at least the mum of Anne Hathaway and they have this bit where the catsuit gets caught on the door and comes off and…

I’ve said too much.


Iron Man 3 is a classic of its genre.