At the movies


im 43 man.
if its not an intense Russian espionage staring Gerard depardu with subtitles im not up for it these days.


I loved that they put an actual example of terrible writing in the trailer.
‘Your half-brother, the king…’
Would have been even better if there was an ‘as you know’ in front of it, but you can’t have everything.


“So shines a good dead in a weary world”
Love when Charlie puts the gobstopper down and wonky just freezes, and is so happy that Charlie won.

One of my all time favourite movie moments


Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ is the best comic character put on film, ever.


Probably posts on these already but I’m not searching for them. Just watched, and was not impressed:

Gone girl. Had potential, maybe, but no… Did they just have to leave it open for the sequel? 3.0

Bird Box. How come so many people like this? It was crap. J Malkovic’s worst that I’ve seen. 2.5

All they did was remind me how much l dislike Hollywood.

End rant/


It’s whatever wets your whistle I guess…waiting for Kim Possible the Movie, The Joker or Shazam?
Guess you didn’t like Flash Gordon and Masters of the Universe?


I went to see Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

Easily the best Spider-Man movie ever been released, and a game changer for big budget animation movies in this way.

I expect WB and Disney to follow suit very quickly, with Batman and Avengers.

It’s a Lord & Miller movie (21 Jumpstreet, Lego movie & recently sacked by Lucas Film during the production of Solo), staring Jake Johnson, Liev Schreiber, Mahershala Ali, Nicolas Cage, Chris Pine, to name a few.

It looks like there is a sequel on the way. Sony finally got one of the Spider-Man movies right.


Watching Bird Box made me think that Sandra Bullock is really starting to look like Michael Jackson


I’m trying to find time to go. Have heard nothing but positivity about it.


Is that one movie or two? If you mean the 1980 version of Flash Gordon, then yes l saw it, and it was a bit of light entertainment that largely stayed true to its source material by never taking itself at all seriously and had a great soundtrack featuring Queen. If you also mean the Dolph Lungren version of Masters of the Universe, then l never saw it and have no comment.


Just came back from watching the favourite.

Suffers from a half hour too long Hollywood syndrome. Read on the audience was that half hated it, half liked it.

I laughed and thought it was well done. But just way too long. Gave me the ■■■■■ after about the 90 minute mark.

I really don’t understand how it gathers 5 golden globe noms.


Agree, also thought it started poorly, very actorly acting until they found their sea legs. Very much a play I thought, and like The Lobster, the other film I’ve seen of this guy, outstayed its welcome. Olivia Coleman is great, like she is in everything. Come a long way since The Peep Show (not that that was a bad show at all).


The surprise packet of the year for mine. I grew up a big Spider-Man fan, but the concept for it seemed ridiculous and the trailers didn’t grab me at all, but I’m really glad I paid attention to the positive reviews and ended up seeing it. They absolutely pull off what should be a mess of a story on the surface and the animation is amazing.


I also saw James Stewart’s latest film, Overlord recently. It’s a fun WWII epic meets horror film mashup. Good times


Sold me, will have to watch, big fan of Spider-Man, I thought the new reboots did ok compared to the Sam Raimi ones.

Where is it available ?


Cinemas now I think.
Is it animation


Best mid credits scene ever.


The Sam Raimi ones were, and continue to be, the best.


Agree completely. Even the 3rd one, while not that great is miles better than all the reboots

The 2nd one is one of the best comic book movies of all time


Saw bumblebee today. Much better than I was expecting.the action didnt Break any new ground. But there was some genuinely moving moments between the girl and bumblebee.

Those scenes are the highlights of the movie. A couple of very funny moments too