At the movies



You’ve inspired me. I’m going to go listen to Reign in Blood


I’m really pleased for Rami Malek. Kid is a serious serious talent


Someone said he has a face that makes it seem he is always trying to quietly eat a chip.

Can’t unsee that


I would have said sneak out a fart in front of the Girlfriends parents myself, … but yeah, same/same.


Kid? He’s almost 40, lol. Been in plenty of other stuff.


I liked Garfield Spiderman.


Wow I had no idea he was that old! He plays so young in Mr Robot (and that other war thing he was in). Plus he looks like 25!


The Pacific


Bumble Bee 2018. 7 / 10

I have only ever seen a few snippets of what l believe to be the first Transformers movie, as l am not in the right demographic to really remember them. What l saw didn’t interest me then. My wife wanted to see this, so off we trooped. We probably should have taken 3 of her nieces to see it last week, the 2 year old wouldn’t have understood anything but wouldn’t have minded, while the 2 six year olds would have liked it. I was pleasantly surprised. The whole movie was very slickly done, and it wasn’t long before l was singing along out loud to the wonderful 1980’s soundtrack. Of humour there is plenty throughout, including an in joke about how the internet was developed. The interaction between girl and Bee is a bit ham fisted in places, and the family values are laid on a bit think, but when you remember that this is a Michael Bay production, (whom l have never rated before and have actively avoided, well for him) it is actually fairly subtly done. So the ending has neat tie ups, and as a prequel it works pretty well. Was it good enough to entice me to check out the rest of the franchise? No way, but as an innocent diversion, it worked on a few different levels, and would be pretty good entertainment for kids of all ages, but mostly for sub to early teens.


Not often I agree with your tastes in movies captain jack but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.
I’m not a fan of the transformer movies but this one actually had some heart to it.


I’m pretty sure the main reason people are interested in this film is because Michael Bay has very little to do with it and it sets aside much of what he did with the other films


His name still features prominently in the credits.


No mention of Michael Bay is complete without this clip


I watched Bird Box…its just The Happening re created…why?




Just watched Lion for the first time since it was released in the cinema.

The scene where he traces his path home on Google Maps is very well handled by the director and very moving.

Not a huge fan of Nicole Kidman but she was outstanding.

And Dev Patel was very convincing.

Great movie.


It was ok. These movies whereby promoters get excited but, I don’t see the thrill…Life of Pi, Moonlight, Bird Box, Spotlight and Hurt Locker.
IMO give me any of the Jungle books, My Own Private Idaho, Children Of Men, The Paper and Kilo 2 Bravo.


Children of men is an excellent film.


Wasn’t the character Grey a bored billionaire?


I couldn’t watch it — not because it was dealing with difficult concepts or anything like that, but because it was so clunky. It’s from a book by PD James and I was a big fan of hers, but I thought the book was terrible, so I didn’t watch the film when it came out. But when so many people spoke so highly of it I got it to watch at home and gave up after about 20 minutes. I’m not saying I’m right and you’re wrong; people have different opinions about things. But the only reason I kept going for 20 minutes is that I thought that it had to get better at some point, and I gave up when I realised it wasn’t going to.