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He’s a visual director.

Very few directors throughout history are the whole package and not many are currently working.

Villenueve, Polanski, Fincher and maybe one or two more?


Don’t underplay the cinematographer.

For example prisoners, siccaro and blade runner was all done by Roger Deakin. Easy to give all the credit to Villenuive but that’s massively downplaying how good a cinematographer Deakin is. He did Fargo, Shawshank Redemption, No country for old men and many more. Without him the Cohen Brothers, Sam Mendes and Villenuive would be half the directors they are.

Have a browse of his filmography, it’s a damn impressive list.


I agree.

He’s one of my favourites!

Good directors usually have great cinematographers.

Deakin is Villenueves camera of choice!


Would it be fair to say that the director has the vision of how they want a film to look, and it is up to the cinematographer to realize that vision?


I’d say it’s a bit of both, help a director achieve their vision but the truly brilliant ones have their own styles and know when a director is wrong.

Similar to great Editors you want a director to be overruled occasionally to make a better film.


I think someone’s a bit jealous.


Agree. It was a bit of a leading question. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts.


Stanley Kubrick didn’t have a lot of respect for cinematographers or actors.

But he is the greatest of all time so who are we to argue😊


Yeah he was on another level.

The story I enjoyed watching(not sure where) was the making of Star Wars. Apparently the first cut he showed to Spielberg etc was complete rubbish. He’s wife took over the editing and basically made the movie. You can tell when Lucas had complete control on the prequels both shooting and editing the potential for disaster.


Should round out a trilogy and finish off with The Player.



Dumpster fire is a dumpster fire of an expression


And speaking of Books into Movies, … I watched Simon Bakers adaptation of Wntons “Breath” the other night. I didn’t think it would translate well.

Am interested what anyone who watched it without having read the book made of it though.


Is that legal counsel?


I certainly don’t underrate the cinematographers. I always pay attention to the look of a film. But I don’t think the visuals are entirely due to the cinematographer. The director has a huge influence as well, deciding what type of look and colours are appropriate, and then it’s up to the cinematographer to produce it. Editing is also often overlooked; but cutting a shot a second too sort or too long can completely ruin the flow of a sequence.


This probably made me like it more😀


Like James Cameron


James Cameron doesn’t have a lot of respect for his audience either😂


Benatar acolytes here? Surprising.


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