At the movies


Got somebody else in mind?

How do we feel about Jim Carey?



He made a damn animated tv special!


A blatant rip off of Bruce Campbell


Bruce Campbell is the finest actor of his generation.


I love Bruce Campbell.

Bubba Ho-Tep is a favourite




I didn’t know there was a soundtrack


Is that response to the first or second question?


Is there a favourite actor thread - surely it deserves one if not




Here you go


Jim Carrey can head out with all the other anti-vaxxers and catch something nasty. His comedy sucks balls.


He’s certainly no Adam sandler


Who’s your favourite actor Alex?

And Shrek doesn’t count.


Buzz from Toy Story. He played a space ranger really good


Yeah I thought Woody sucked as well


Jim Carrey was great in Ace Ventura.

Otherwise he’s unwatchable.


This thread always comes back to Cableman and the mea culpas come flying.


Eternal Sunshine.
I don’t mind Truman either.
Oh, and he’s great in Liar Liar.


Not sure if anyone has seen the Clint Eastwood film The Dead Pool, but there was a young Jim Carrey in that.

Watched it a few weeks back and he was most definitely a fully developed actor even at that early stage.

A young Liam Neeson was also in it.