At the movies


Haven’t seen the film, but pretty sure I’ve seen a scene of his from it.
Plays a coked up rock star, doesn’t he?


That’s the one.

His acting in it is way out of place in an Eastwood film.

It’s hilarious.


Somebody shot me


The Truman Show is a brilliant movie.


All this talk of Carrey and still no mention of one of the best comedies of all time…Dumb & Dumber.

Shame Blitz, Shame :nerd_face:


Jim Carey when on song, there is nobody funnier imo. He and robin williams are the only 2 guys who can go from slapstick to ultra serious movies back to slapstick and never miss a beat

Carey is fantastic in
Ace Ventura
Liar liar
Truman show
Dumb and dumber

He doesn’t even have to say anything, his facial expressions and physical comedy can make you laugh


Cable guy is seriously underrated.
Criminally even.


Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber are two of the funniest films ever made.


So did Ben Stiller go to jail for murdering his twin?


I think that’s what cable guy 2 is going to reveal


Not with this one


I think they got the actress award right.


wow, they were way off the mark with that film.

One of my top 3 horror films.

The making of doco’s are a good watch as well.

Kubrick put Shelley Duvall through the ringer on that film.


One of my favourite films, but Duvall is still freakin’ terrible.
I’d like to watch Room 237. I caught a glimpse of it and it was really interesting, but haven’t been able to find it since.
I think it might be on SBS, and I have trouble downloading their app on the tv/xbox.


She has never been a great actor, but she does do hysterical well in this movie, you have to give her that. The rest is meh.



Method actors / Character actors.


Great in everything except comedies.


He’s certainly an interesting actor.

I like him in both comedy and drama.

Eternal Sunshine and Truman are excellent and I love his early comedy work.


Link vv

Room 237 2012 Documentary Full Movies from Collective Artists on Vimeo.