At the movies


Halloween (original) is the greatest horror movie ever. Discuss.




Evil Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blood Sucking Freaks, etc are right up there as well (in terms of scare factor, as opposed to production values).


The exorcist


It has one of the great opening scenes of any sort of movie.
And I like Carpenter.
And Pleasance is very good.
It’s almost a cliche these days to say Halloween is misjudged as a gorefest with buckets of blood. It’s not.

Personally I’d have The Shining a long way ahead of it, although I hope we don’t get bogged down in thriller/horror labeling.

Again down to personal taste, but I think Evil Dead is a better film.
B Grade, but No-one’s going to call Halloween high art either.

Scream and Cabin are good, too, but both are…a bit self-aware.

I think you’d have to rate Psycho better, too.


Ju-on (The Grudge) made me ■■■■ my pants the first time I watched it.


I think TCM is a terrible film in every possible way, except for one scene.

And Bloodsucking Freaks is just exploitative filth. I don’t want to get on my high horse about horror films, but it really is just that one for me.
I assume the Saw sequels are similar.


The Exorcist, The Shining & Psycho are excellent films. Higher production values than Halloween, but the latter is the movie that scared the crap out of me as a kid. Michael Myers = the Boggie Man. Years later, when Mr. Cruel was terrorising Melbourne, I had flashbacks of Michael Myers. Hardly slept a wink. Nightmare on Elm Street was quite scary & The Ring freaked me out a bit.


Gosh I’ve seen some terrible (but memorable) films, now that you’ve reminded me.
Pieces, Basket Case, Mother’s Day…


LMW is a Grudge and Ring fan.
She really wants to see Grudge vs Ring but it’s very difficult to find in Australia.


Biel is smokin’ hot in the modern remake.

Agreed re: Freaks being a trash film. An exploitation classic from the Troma crew who made plenty of trashy films. It was scary AF watching it back in the day.


Thought it was Troma.
I didn’t find it the least bit scary, but plenty repulsive, which I’m sure they’d be quite proud of (no, really).


Having seen a few horror films in the 70s and 80s, I just don’t bother any more.


I actually don’t watch the genre anymore, but as a kid, my brother & I would walk into a video shop, head straight for the horror section & work our way through all the trashy movies out there. #badparenting


It Follows from a few years ago was very good.

But yeah, most modern horror is rubbish.


I saw Hereditary this year.
That was pretty good.
I still want to see A Quiet Place.

Oh, and also saw Get Out, but that’s not really a horror, is it.


Dario Argento is not everyone’s taste in films but I enjoyed Deep Red and Susperia and a few of his other films.


Throw in Silent Night, Deadly Night, Friday the 13th (series), Street Trash, The Stuff, & that one in New York…The Bronx Warriors, with the main character called Trash.


He co-wrote Demons 2, which is one of my favourite ever bad films.


OK, have bookmarked a few of the films mentioned by Wim & KM & may give them a shot. Cheers. I still haven’t seen ‘It’ as yet, even though I loved the book.