At the movies


Hmmm thought you would be more of a demons 1 fan myself


its awesome, but i wouldn’t classify it as a horror. More of a tense thriller


This one is my to watch list - want to catch it on the big screen though and so I wait. Was hoping maybe the Astor would show it as part of their horror movie marathon.


I don’t want to disparage Demons, either.
Quality bad.

In the cinema, only George and Cheryl remain uninfected. Using a display motorcycle and sword props from the foyer, they ride through the auditorium, slicing down many demons. George kills nearly all of them when suddenly, a helicopter crashes through the roof.


I reckon horror is pretty ■■■■, just jump scares mostly.

thriller is my ■■■■ tho.


The Omen was pretty Scarry in its time. But they aren’t really ‘horror’, are they?


Yes…The Omen had a number of very scary moments…I went to see it with my then girlfriend and her best friend.

One sat either side of me during the movie…both had long nails…both of them used those nails to gouge holes in my arms whenever one of the scary moments happened…they drew blood…I was lucky to survive :wink:


Yes they count.

So does Don’t look Now


The Devil’s Backbone is a very good modern horror film. I’ve enjoyed some modern takes, It Follows was particularly well made for a smallish budget, but most of it is utter ■■■■, torture ■■■■ tedium. Cabin in the Woods was a pretty enjoyable take on horror from the last few decades. This will get fire but Wolf Creek can eat a bag. Exploitative and not at all entertaining.


For someone that actually suffered for her art that’s as good as it gets.


Exorcist. Poltergeist. Children of the Corn Amityville Horror.

Haven’t really watched horror/ghost flicks since the 80’s/90’s.


That is about as close as l get to horror, slightly surprised no one has mentioned the original Alien movie yet. That was scary.


She suffered for her art, and then it was my turn.


Really good movie that one.

Not big on horror movies especially the ones with torture, and lots of blood and gore.

I do like thrillers and scary movies like The Ring, Omen, The Shining, Alien etc. Have only seen the first Alien was terrifying.

I watched the Paranormal Activity series of movies a few years ago, and while nothing really happens til about the last 10 minutes of the movie, found them pretty scary too.

Edit: remember watching The Exorcist, didn’t sleep well for a week.


I loved Don’t Look Now.

Anything with Donald Sutherland is good.

And Venice is the perfect location for a film like that. It’s almost a character in itself.


That was scary, but a thriller, not horror.

I jumped about three feet. Julie Christie went OK, but could have done with a feed.


I like Sutherland too, he is excellent at his craft.


I think it’s horror but you could easily define it as thriller.

Any supernatural themes and I generally think horror.


Was it really supernatural though, or was the dwarf just dressed like his daughter?

I saw it at the cinema and it’s one of those many films i’d never watch again. And it’s 30+ years ago.


Yeah, it was the dwarf at the end.

But the whole set-up of the film was the visions of their daughter as well as those strange blind women.

It was of course all a red herring but a very cleverly disguised one.

In that regard you could say it’s a drama about two parents dealing with the loss of a child.

As with most great films it is a mixture of genres.