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Where you in Ishtar


The Exorcist is the greatest horror movie of all time IMO.

I thought the performance of Jason Miller (Father Damien Karras) was under-rated.
How powerful was that exorcism scene when the priests are simultaneously repeating the same line at the beast…
“The power of Christ compels you” whilst flicking holy water ?

70’s was such a great decade for horror !


You’re all just old.

Horror is for teenagers.

May as well be arguing the JJJ hottest 100 was better back in your day.


That’s always been horrifying


Both are obviously correct (all three, actually).
You can still find a few good new songs every year, though.


Crawling like a spider backwards fkd me over bigtime


Too long to post.


I only have a problem with the Keaton scene that no-one knows or cares about, there are much better moments in the genre of the last 25 years.


tom hanks. rich. compelling


“ive been swimming in raw sewage. I love it.”

opportunity missed VF


Do you remember 'It’s Alive!" ?
And - the original Spiral Staircase.


Confession: I haven’t seen a single toy story film. But I love animation and have seen nearly all the rest of Pixar’s films.


the best fun horror movie I ever saw was fright night remake.


How did that happen?


All the horror movie “purists” I know absolutely despise that film.


I have no idea. I probably should fix it, but just haven’t gotten around to it.


If you’re a horror movie purist, your opinion about movies shouldn’t count…because it’s simply too easy to make cheap ripoffs.

I can’t remember the name of the film, but it was about a person home alone, getting menacing phone calls, and when she got the call traced, was told the call was coming from inside the house. Now that was scary.


When a Stranger Calls.
The remake of that was decent, too.


That’s the one. I’m not one for remakes, unless they can make a massive improvement just for technical reasons.


Same, actually. I really need to rectify this.