At the movies


I can see why this would happen. I was also in that boat too - a number of the other Pixar movies appealed to me and i saw them but I didn’t see the Toy Story franchise because they seemed like kids movies to me.

But they’re great. Watch them. Ironically the two movies I can recall the entire cinema openly weeping at are both Pixar - the first 5 mins of Up and the last five mins of Toy Story 3


That’s it, I’m not a purist.
The really scary ones I read on wiki


He has a fair resume, his accountant may also have a case to disagree


Yeah pretty much.

I was a teenager when Toy Story came out so no dice.

The later ones I was older and dropped my pretentions and got into them. Neemo, Up, Incredibles are great.


Burky this conversation was so last week😂

Catch up😊


We moved onto Jim Carey.



Ha Ha Ha

Hes an arseclown. Not one of mine



He’s an acquired taste


There have been a few good remakes. The Fly with Jeff Goldblum is better than the original mainly because Goldblum is incredibly creepy


John Carpenters The Thing is superior to the original and the most recent update.

And the Dawn of the dead remake is just as good as the original


Spoiler Alert

The following trailer will upset those who don’t like explosions


l love animation, have done so ever since l was a kid. Pixar are quality productions, l am yet to see one of their movies, l didn’t think was top notch, but have not yet seen the Finding Nemo sequel, as l don’t want to spoil their record.


@Killer_Mike as a closet Hanks fan, I’m sure you must be enjoying watching Turner & Hooch on FTA tonight :wink:


More of a The Burbs fan myself😊


Thought you might make a gag about the dog being a better actor than Hanks…:joy:


I actually like Tom Hanks.

I just don’t think he’s a modern great is all.

He’s made plenty of good films.


Did Tom Hanks steal midfield minutes a role from Jim Carey?


I was waiting for you barnz and you delivered


Actually, after looking at both those trailers, I don’t recall seeing either of those movies.
Apart from The Exorcist, I was thinking…Carrie, Jaws, The Omen, Halloween & Alien.


robbo or anyone have you seen glass