At the movies


Yep, saw it last weekend.
Pretty decent, and worth seeing I would say.

I noticed @efc1robbo posted his thoughts on it a couple of weeks ago.
If you scroll thru his posts, you will find it.


Love his work.
This is how I picture him;



If you like Finding Nemo you’ll like Finding Dory


The Burbs was good. Have you seen ‘Neighbors’ with Belushi & Aykroyd? Every time I encounter a dirty coffee cup, I think of that movie. :smile:


Yeah as a massive fan of split and unbreakable I thought it was top notch up until the ending which I didn’t care for at all.


He was very good in toy story :sunglasses:


Yes man. Excellent movie.


It’s rubbish. You’ll hate it. Everything is horrible. I can’t stand it. Can’t wait to see it so that I can feel bad about it.

Oh, Nemo…!


I wasn’t too impressed with unbreakable. Just feels like old mate was riding high on his laurels from 6th sense and another one I forget.

Glass wasn’t a crossover into xmen was it, and some sort of rationale for the mutation of professor x.





Loved that, ta!


Has anyone seen the new Eastwood movie? I want it to be good…


He knew he shouldn’t have stopped for that haircut


Yep saw it last night.
Very good , though anyone else seen it think it’s a touch autobiographical?
Funny, pathos, typical clint
Nice one to finish with.


Currently watching The Green Book.


Went to see cold pursuit tonight. Very entertaining. Hard to describe it, was almost an action/ dark comedy. Some legit LOL moments. Highly recommend it


Bohemian Rhapsody. 2018. 134 min. 8/10

The latest in a series l expect to grow over the next few years, musical biops. This is really the Freddie Mercury story in all its glory. I watched this movie a couple of nights ago in King’s Park, here in Perth, an outdoor theatre experience. I have held off commenting on the movie for a couple of days, because l wanted to take it all in and digest it, before expressing a view. The longer l held off, the more l feel that the movie has short changed its audience, by sanitizing Mercury’s life. Quite rightly the movie focuses on the music, and in particular is based around the outstanding performance at Live Aid, which is arguably the greatest live performance in all of rock history, but glosses over much of his life of excess. This is the man who put the ‘raunch’ into Raunch and Roll, but next to none of that is shown. The director, Brian Singer, most likely did this for a more favourable rating to attract a broader and younger audience, and Freddie is given a most sympathetic treatment. Does he deserve such a vanilla portrayal? I would have preferred a more nuanced character to emerge. He must have been a more complex character than what is shown here in a script that doesn’t delve deep enough. This is despite the best efforts of Rami Malek, who plays Freddie with great verve and vigour, to the point where at Live Aid he becomes Freddie. He probably won’t win an Oscar for his performance, but if he did it would be well deserved, he is outstanding. So, come for the music, just don’t expect to be given much insight into Freddie Mercury, and that way you won’t be disappointed.



Apologies didn’t see you replied to JohnRain post.