At the movies


So…what did you think?


Yeah it was a good movie. Based on a true story.
I never heard of the piano player before.
I like that they were home in time for Xmas.


What’s the green book. Is it about growing weed


:grinning::joy::sunglasses: No @Sameolds2010. It’s a good enjoyable movie.
Now watching The Internship.


Yeah but tell me what it’s about


Short and sweet trailer…


Will give it a miss but thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not a fan of the original?


■■■■) noooooooooooooooooo


Just finished watching under seige and it is still the best worst movie ever made.


This is going to sound weird when talking about horror films, but Chucky always seemed really stupid to me.
I just couldn’t buy into the murderous toy thing.
At all.
Very high Zif quotient.


That looks a lot like a bread knife.


And I have no problem with a 19th century clown being the physical manifestation of a great old one that is somehow restricted to one small town in the US and needs to feed every forty years, and for some reason holds grudges.
That all seems legit to me.
A possessed toy?
Get outta here.


What’s that?


The likelihood of you, at any point in the movie, yelling out ‘Awwwwww Zif!’


Horror movies fall into the same category as Marvel movies for me.

Made only for children/teenagers, to be enjoyed by children/teenagers. Some adults enjoy the odd one, which is cool too, I don’t really get the obsession by adults myself but each to their own i guess


Phew thought it was an acronym for zero intelligence factor!


Horror films are generally for film nerds and purists.

It is why you find most of the biggest Directors (Kubrick, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Friedkin, Tarantino, Bong Joon-Ho, Bigelow, Del Toro, Roeg, Polanski, De Palma, Lynch, Boyle, Scott, etc.) of all time have had at some stage of their careers had a crack at the genre.

It is probably the most purist form of filmmaking there is and also probably the most difficult to pull off.

Unfortunately just like any other genre you have to wade through a heck of a lot of rubbish to find a good one.


we should all be pretenders that enjoyed birdman.


Birdman was ok. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it, wouldn’t watch it again

Also surely there is a middle ground between total wanker movies like Birdman and dumb movies made for dumb kids like Something Something Man 6?