At the movies


True lol.


I am not a fan of superhero movies either but at least they are better than that Transformer rubbish.

Michael Bay should be banned from making films.

I recently went back and watched Bad Boys and it has not aged well at all. To the point that I’m surprised it was somewhat respected as a buddy cop film.


Hang on now, you hate iron man 3 don’t you?..DONT YOU???


True story, after never watching many of them (I’ve only seen iron man 1, guardians 1/2), I randomly saw Dr Strange on the TV the other night. It wasn’t actually that bad at all until the last 45-60 mins of random CGI fight crap


Are they?



I love them and still use many of their one liners today.


I have had permanent cringe face since I watched it two weeks ago.

I can’t believe I actually used to like that film.

Sorry Kj :grimacing:


I was trying to win favour with the superhero crew of which there are many on here😊

my movie credibility went down the drain with my opinion of Tom Hanks.


And deservedly so :wink:



My ■■■■ always works sometimes!


The brown sugar scene still makes me laugh.

That’s it though.


Both bad boys films have some great action and some funny moments. Number 2 has one of the most insane car chase scenes in history.

I’m looking forward to the 3rd one, hopefully bay directs it too. He cops a lot of stick but he does action scenes and stuff getting destroyed better than anyone


Just on Michael Bay (not a fan) I saw this bizarre true crime film with The Rock, Marky Mark and Fat Amy, oh…and creepy director from Truman, on telly the other night.
It was pretty good.
Weren’t too many explosions.

Saw him in the credits and went, ‘huh. Well fancy.’


BAFTA awards overnight

Best Actor - Rami Malek
Best Actress - Olivia Colman
Best Supporting Actor - Mahershala Ali
Best Supporting Actress - Rachel Weisz
Best Film - Roma
Best Foreign Language Film - Roma
Best Director - Alfonso Cuarón
Best British Film - The Favourite


How is horror the purist form of filmmaking? You’ll have to explain that one


Because it’s only intention is to scare you and it has a very particular rhythm to doing it.

Unlike all other genres it doesn’t require character development, a moral, drama, humour(although a lot of horrors do have a degree of it) good dialogue, backstory or any number of tools required to capture an audiences attention.

You can check your brain in at the door and still be entertained.

Although that description probably applies to most Michael Bay films.


has anyone seen the favourite? thoughts?

also good to see the bafta’s can recognized something as best and best foreign film, even if it is arthouse wank.


So - kinda like p o r n.
I guess that’s another ‘pure form of film-making’.


If you can get people to watch 90 minutes of it, sure.