At the movies


Arthouse wank being something without horror, superheroes or sci-fi.


So … the Fast and the Furious 19 then?


Horror and ■■■■ are very closely related😊


That’s Pain and Gain. Very good movie. The Rock steals every scene he is in.


Couldn’t say - I’ve missed that franchise…in the sense that I’ve completely ignored it…not that I’m disappointed about it.

There is a little car action in Roma…not very quick though.


Truman, with Javier Cámara and Ricardo Darín, about the guy wanting to leave his big dog to someone after he dies?

Top fillum, if you haven’t seen it.


But all those things are part of filmmaking. I don’t understand your point


Don’t worry your pretty little head over it


What does patronising mean?


Saw Green Book this evening, a nice story with good characters.

I really liked Viggo’s character and performance.


You need to understand that everyone knows what patronising means.


A piano player Dr Don Shirley hires a driver Tony “Lip” Vallelonga to take him to all his gigs in the deep southern states of America during 1962. The road trip was in a word dangerous. Victor H. Green compiled The Green Book from which the film gets its name. This book helps travellers find hotels, restaurants, and gas stations deemed safe for all people. It’s sublte, light hearted and a really good film, thanks @Deckham


Yeah but Erica Eleniak :yum::yum::sunglasses:


Patronising me over my inability to understand your unexplained point about how movies traditionally known for existing in the b grade are the purest form of filmmaking by ignoring most of what filmmaking is built upon?

Are you actually serious?


Just finished watching Okja.
A Korean/American sci-fi, action, drama, comedy, corporate satire, coming of age, children’s film that you should on no account allow a child to see.

As Charlotte would say, Okja is some pig.
If you’re bothered by politics in your entertainment then I would suggest not to bother, because it’s as in your face as it could possibly be.
People who struggle with animals getting hurt, even CGI ones, might want to avoid it too, although that’s really the whole point of the movie.

I thought it was excellent. And not a film I imagine anyone would soon forget.


Yep, nice surprise this one, and then no surprise once I looked up the director - Joon Ho Bong of Snowpiercer and The Host fame. He’s something of a sci-fi visionary. And yeah, it’s a tear jerker, and farking spot on.


Not to mention what looks like a burgeoning director/muse relationship with the astonishing Tilda Swinton image



Love Woody, but the NBK callback is a little weird.