At the movies


Musician biopics are the new superhero movies. What a bore.


But, but, but …

He’s not even dead yet!!!


The Bowie one where they forgot to ask for the rights to Bowie songs should be awesome.


If that’s true, that’s just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard Movie wise.

Edit: No, … it is. It’s definitely the dumbest.



Ahh, it’s “planned”.

I thought you were saying they’d gone ahead and made it without securing the most important bit. No cash wasted yet.

Further reading suggests they are going ahead anyway, … and won’t need it …

A statement issued by Stardust’s producers, UK outfit Salon Pictures said: “We would like to clarify that this film … is a moment in time film at a turning point in David’s life, and is not reliant on Bowie’s music.”

“Much like Nowhere Boy for Lennon, Control for Joy Division, the production uses period music and songs that Bowie covered, but not his original tracks.”

Fair enough, … maybe. :thinking:



Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s happening.


This will be so much good


Watched ‘Circle’ last night.
There’s another recent movie called ‘The Circle’ which…um…is a different movie.

This is quite short, and based on 12 Angry Men but more stupid and alien murdery.

Mildly diverting. Decent twist.


Just finished watching a South Korean film called Forgotten.

It is a Netflix Original and I highly recommend watching it if you like thrillers.

Calling it a thriller is probably doing it an injustice to be honest. Without giving away too much I would describe it as the ■■■■■■■ love child of Memento and Getout and with a touch of Hitchcock.

No doubt at some stage Hollywood will try and remake it but it’s the type of film that just can’t be remade.

I think it’s a modern masterpiece and give it 9 out of 10


Just saw Alita - Battle Angel
Enjoyed it. CGI/action, good on a big screen, the right amount of cheesiness. A couple of big-name actors.
Not for movie-lovers.



korean and thriller?

my 2 big buttons just got pushed.


Think Oldboy but with more twists.

Excellent film.


they do action thillers like no one else.


Im not sure how they do it but when it comes to thrillers they are just on a different level.

They are like David Fincher on steroids.


may have to watch this…


Can’t recommend it enough.


I recommend not reading anything about it before watching.

I just was flicking through Netflix and put it on and I’m glad I did.