At the movies


Because of two movies? Musical biopics have been around for as long as I can remember.

Here’s a challenge for you. Why don’t you make a post about something you like


Ok I made that post before I watched the Motley Crüe one. That looks legitimately horrible. It is a Netflix release though


The book remains my all-time fav music autobiography.


I like Joe Daniher.


Yeah? What do you like about him?


He likes that EFC ruined Joe’s body and that he’ll never play good footy again. He’s a troll. And he barracks for Fark Carlton


How many goal Joe daniher kick


I reckon they shouldn’t be releasing that movie of the Norwegian death metal band that’s meant to be coming out soon.


Lords of Chaos? Didn’t know it was based in a true story - anyway it’s had limited release around the country already. Think there were single viewing sessions at Village Cinemas on Friday.


You could if you gave it 10/10.


I’ve been thinking about ratings a bit recently. And I reckon 10/10s should be reserved for movies you’ll go back and rewatch numerous times. No matter what part of the movie is on you’ll watch the rest.


As barnz says that’s for the best movie of the year or even decade type films.

Worth a watch though captain jack


l will be very interested in having a look at it.


edit: and the actress is



First time since 2008 the Best Picture went to the Best Picture (as voted by me)


The Dirt is my favourite book.


What movie and why?


lords of chaos.

because those fuckwits deserve as much attention as serial killers and pedo priests.


Does the film make them look good or something? I can’t imagine any scenario where these characters are painted as sympathetic.

I couldn’t care less about black metal musically, but it is an interesting (and messed up) story. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for someone to make a movie about these events

I’m not sure any of that is grounds for censorship. Banning anything is a tricky scenario, that’s bigger than just the thing that’s being censored.

Not that I’m likely to I watch it anyway