At the movies



Deadwood movie is due out later this year. Cannardly wait for it.


Is it set in a retirement village?


It was… illuminating!


Hopefully the script is as good as the cast otherwise it’s going to be a very big disappointment


Another one l am looking forward to catching up with.


Saw a preview last night…with Cruz, Bardem and Darín, they’re pulling out the big guns.

Being released as Everybody Knows. Spanish Film Festival starts at the end of next month. Surprised they’re not starting there.


So Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote movie is finally getting cinema distribution… for one night only, in the US…


Saw The Favourite tonight.

Performances were very good, sets and costumes were fabulous, story line don’t know wether I liked it or not.

The preview for Hotel Mumbai looked good.


Watching it now.
By the way Missus really like The Green Book.


Yeah it was a good movie.
They tease us with the war that happened previously and what that floating world looks like.


That’s one of the stranger positive movie reviews I’ve seen


Pre-emptive :wink:


Well, he’s talked me into not wasting my time on it.


I saw The Mule the other night. The story of a 90-year-old, played by Clint Eastwood, who becomes a mule for the Sinaloa cartel.

He’s totally separated from his wife, daughter, granddaughter because he’s always preferred his job as a nurseryman to his job as a father.

It’s just a story…nothing really to recommend it. His daughter is played by his real daughter, Alison, and Dianne Weist plays his wife.


I was already talked out of it, by lovers of movies of all types




Watched Captain Fantastic yesterday.

Hmmm. Well, Mortensen is pretty good - he’s usually at least serviceable. The film itself was poignant and entertaining in areas. To my mind, obviously massaged for the audience in others to its detriment. Has a touch of the ‘dumbing down’ that is common with so many American movies these days. Overall - passable, not great.



I hadn’t heard of this movie before and thought for a moment that you had a vivid dream where you combined Captain Marvel and Green Book onto one movie


I seen Captain Marvel last night.

As far a origin stories go, this was one of the better ones imo.

The first act was abit hard to navigate, but the final 2 acts were very good when we got Fury and Ben Mendelson’s characters.

Loved the soundtrack. Was a throw back to women’s grunge in the mid 90’s with Hole and Garbage.