At the movies


My hesitation in seeing this is the lead role - how does she do? Not cringey?


In town for a few days, primarily for my nephew’s wedding, secondly, to avoid the annual folkie bedlam, so have taken the opportunity to see Everybody Knows, made in Spain but written and directed by the Iranian director of A Separation. Farhad Asgahar? Penelope Cruz has returned from BA for a family wedding, but on the wedding night, her daughter is kidnapped.

How to pay the €300k ransom is a major issue. Family issues and enmities galore until Paco(Javier Bardem), who bought his vineyard from the family 30 years ago, sells his share to pay the ransom. PC’s husband comes from BA late and he’s useless…monstrous god-botherer who thinks God will set everything right.

Not like the American versions of the same genre which want everything tied up in a nice, neat knot…but then, Yanks are inherently soft. And those Spanish women are so gorgeous. Cruz is better every year. Bea, Paco’s wife is quite guapa too, as is Inma Cuesta, the bride. She’s had practice at that, starring in Three Weddings Many a couple of years back when she kept getting invited to exes’ weddings. But that was pure comedy.


Brie Larson is a great and subtle actor. Why would you expect her to be cringey?


The trailer. For some reason, I imagine her voice to be cringey as Captain Marvel. A bit ‘valley girl-ish’.


Ah right the Californian accent thing…

I saw it already and I’d say it was good without being great. All the casting and performances are great. If there’s any weaknesses it’s plot based. It’s a bit slow at the start, although it builds up the pace as it goes until the end is almost frenetic and I could have done with some more relationship building with a few people.

Overall though it’s good fun ,with plenty of action and it doesn’t follow the usual origin story narrative.


I just saw it and loved it. Great plot, actors were well cast and the soundtrack was fantastic - love a bit of 90’s nostalgia.

Also builds up to the last Avenger’s movie. Surely “End game” is set to break a whole bunch of box office records?


Look out for the Stan Lee Apearance!

He’s reading the script for Kevin Smith’s MallRats movie on the bus. Because he was in the movie which was released 1995 and Captain Marvel was set in 1995.


It seemed like they were trying to make it an action thriller… but the ‘thriller’ aspected didn’t really come off. It worked totally fine as a straight up action movie tho.

It’s just that the twists in the story arch weren’t really that hard to believe… or even that shocking. Unlike the Winter Soldier, when the reveal that Bucky was the Winter Soldier and SHIELD was infiltrated by HYDRA… they were very big twists in the story.


The nod from Carol when she saw him was a good moment. As was the “thank you Stan” at the beginning. It’s easy to forget the impact he’s had until you see the marvel universe he created


Whatever it’s about - thank you guys for using the spoiler function.


I reckon they re-filmed that part. Ie. her reaction.
I imagine the original take was her walking through and ignoring him, but they added that bit in the re-shoot.


Stan Lee should continue the movie appearances…‘Weekend At Bernies’-style…


Separation is a great movie.


Hear hear!


It’s a genuine good movie, about a man and his wife teaching and educating their family without societies afflictions…and then things change.
Consider education in real life, education in strict systems or home school.
@Deckham Good movie for thought. Spot on with analysis.


Sweet any Veruca Salt or No Doubt and I’m there.


I don’t remember there being any Veruca Salt… there could be, I just can’t remember.

There is definitely No Doubt.


Nice :sunglasses:. Definately wanna see.
Reminds me of Charlie’s Angels soundrack.
Rock on!


Just saw captain marvel. Thought it sucked. Easily the worst marvel movie they have made. The krulls were the best part and even they weren’t that great. My biggest gripe is it just wasn’t funny, which has been a staple of marvel films


I thought it was … competent. A relatively by-the-numbers origin story, in the same way that Dr Strange or Black Panther was. I think it could have been better if they’d been willing to be more adventurous. The best Marvel movies break the formula a bit - Civil War, Ragnarok, Winter Soldier, Infinity War even.

I would have liked them to go full-on with the whole ‘X-files episode’ vibe they had going in the middle. Or be more willing to have BOTH the Kree and the Skrulls be equally bad guys in the end, rather that honing in one unambiguous baddie who gets kicked at the end. I know that the necessity to have her vanish into the void for in-universe 25 years before Endgame made things difficult for them a bit I guess, but still, I think it could have been done more … interestingly.