At the movies


Just finished watching the JC Chandon heist film Final Frontier starring Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac.

Without giving too much away it is an enjoyable film but had some pretty bad dialogue and some significant plot holes.

The acting is very good and an interesting sound track but it felt like an opportunity missed by a director I really rate.



Triple Frontier

I watched it last night and thought it one of the better Netflix movies I’ve seen.



Whatever it takes, eh?
Sounds good.


Surely that’s a copyright infringement! :crazy_face:


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Saw Captain Marvel.
Was ok. Better than I expected - because I had extremely low expectations. Needed a bit more humour.

I like MCU for the humour. I reckon that’s their edge. Comic comics. DC is only good when it’s super farkin pithy, aka Dark Knight stuff. Ragnarok/Deadpool and Dark Knight - the extremes of SH movies.



Yesterday, I saw a little Danish film at Nova called “The Guilty”.

If I had to rank it…it’s better than 80% of the films that I go to…maybe even more.

The budget would have been negligible (it’s a ‘contained thriller’)…but the carefully constructed dialogue creates a smart tension-filled story.


whats it about?


A policeman, who normally works on the street, has been banished to the call centre where incoming “911” calls are received.

There he gets drawn into a particular case…deeper and deeper…until he is operating far beyond the normal boundaries of this call centre role…


I wrote about that one a little further up. Absolutely loved it. Watched in on the plane with good headphones. Felt like I was right there.



That is going to be awesome and then Charlie Manson is going to kill everyone and it’s going to be more awesome


Hot Damn Maggot Robbie


Pretty much - yep.


Neighbours acting school really delivers.


This makes me happy


Just saw Free Solo. Just an incredible movie, absolutely stunning camera work and a good story as well. Highly recommend seeing it on the big screen.


Lego Movie 2.

Try to avoid. For the cost of tickets and junk food I probably should’ve just bought the kids more Lego.

I will say tho, Hoyts Northland is pretty sweet. HUGE screen, big reckoning chairs, and BOOMING sound system (which I think makes a movie).

Pity the stupid parent who though bringing a crying baby that cried until it cried some more and then ended up crying when it was leaving. Ruined half the movie for everyone else.