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In the next 5 years, the MCU will be rolling out X-Men… and while Avengers will still be around, they won’t be the prominent story line.

They’re gonna start moving towards Galactic wars (Guardians, The Eternals, Fantastic 4, Captain Marvel) and on earth, the political and social sphere will be built around the X-Men and the new Avengers.

I’ve also heard they are planning to release some smaller movies, as in smaller consequences… bringing the story back to ‘hero takes down local crime gang’.
Now that the Netflix partnership is over, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dardevil and King Pin brought to the big screen.

I also heard that Disney plans to continue releasing Ryan Reynolds DeadPool movies under 21st Century Fox.


Ive been wanting to see that!
Where did you see it?


Good luck with fantastic 4 that always has and always will be ■■■■.


I enjoyed those - one in particular, silver surfer one not so much.


The Asterix movie was released in Sri Lanka yesterday. So I scheduled that for middle of the day as a heat reliever.

I was the only one to turn up for the session and they cancelled it.

By Toutatis!


All released by Sony.

Sony’s track record with Spider-Man was also sh*t.
Considering that The Incredibles is literally a Fantastic 4 movie under another name, I trust Disney will get it right.
Guardians of Galaxy should have never worked, but it did.


Lido Cinemas Hawthorn.

I think it is on at a couple of other smaller cinemas too.


It think there is a real chance that in this Avengers end game, they break walls of time and dimensions, to open portals to alternate universes.

Which means if they decide to kill Stark or Steve Rogers, they can then introduce Stark (not played by Robert Downey Jr) or Steve Rogers (not played by Chris Evans) into the Cinematic universe… which has been done a number of times in the comics.


Spider-Man into the Spiderverse.
Funniest movie in ages. Good animation.
Loved it!


I know that’s what they’re INTENDING to do, I just wonder how successful it’s going to be.

Right now, the MCU is pretty much built around Iron Man & Captain America (a bit of Thor off to the side). Their histories and relationships have driven the plot and the big crossover events. Will people lost interest if they move off-screen? Will there be mass eye-rolling if all of a sudden people like Magneto and Xavier are rebooted/re-cast all over again, only a few years after Dark Phoenix?

There’s a huge amount of IP and characters that Marvel owns that could be brought into the MCU. They won’t be short of material for a looong time. Skrull invasion and the Red Hulk are two obvious possibilities to go forward, a lot of the pieces are on the board already. A Dr Doom film is being rumoured. It’s just a matter of keeping up the care factor if the central characters the MCU has been built around so far aren’t around any more. Will people be attached strongly enough to the world & setting to keep coming back if the original batch of Avengers aren’t around any more?


Iron man sux


Saw The Mule.
It was a good movie. Some of the edits made a jaggered story but that’s Eastwood and I liked it.


Watched the Green Book the other night. Thought it was fanatic. Great story, great ending,great performances, some really really funny moments in it too which really surprised me. The chemistry the two of them had was fantastic. Best film I have seen so far this year.9.5/10

Just finished watching Spider-Man into the spider verse. Probably the best Spider-Man film I have seen since Spider-Man 2 with Tobey Maguire . Funny, great story, cool action.


Watched Green Book on a plane a couple of weeks ago. Was similarly impressed. Great chemistry between Mortensen & Ali. And what a powerhouse performance by Ali.


Too soon


Well, there’s a gap in my movie watching filled.

I’d always heard quotes from the film, and seen the two main male stars in a Spanish film starring Penélope Cruz a couple of years back.

Also featured Peter Cook and a present-day female star in her first role.

Fill in the missing gaps.



You like a Woman On Top?


The trailer looks better than I expected but often trailers can be misleading.

One of the stranger choices for director than I can recall for some time.