At the movies


I still like Hugo Blick.
What could have been…:thinking:


No…or no comprendo…


Wow! Looks so much better than. Was expecting. Looks dark REALLY DARK!

Please just take my money now


Watched Shazam last night. Very entertaining. Doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Few moments of genuine emotion as well.

I think DC have just found their new franchise


If your wife, girlfriend, significant other or date asks you to see 5 feet apart then pretend to be sick for your own good.

Never have I seen such a depressing sad sack movie with the sole intention of trying to make you cry filled with cliches where you know people are dying and the lovebirds can’t touch each other… And no I’m not just talking about the ending, I’m talking an entire 2 hour runtime watching terminally ill teens fall in love filled with surgeries and them being scared and crying… My wife cried and thought it was good. I cried when I looked at my phone and saw it still had another 30 mins of runtime left.

I guess this is how my wife felt when I dragged her to watch Interstellar when she hates sci-fi.


Thank you.
I appreciate this heads-up.


Just finished watching the Toni Collette film Hereditary.

Such an incredible film on so many levels. IMO this will be considered the modern day Exorcist and will grow in stature with time.

Films like this never get the recognition they deserve but this film is better than the majority of films nominated for best picture at the oscars.



I thought it was the most boring ridiculous tripe I have seen in many many years. Couldn’t get more than an hour in.

NOT HAVING A GO AT YOU. Just my opinion.


Yeah it’s not for everyone.

All depends on what types of films you like I guess.

Green Book has been a popular one on here and I watched it last week and was bored to tears.

Hereditary for mine has a great story but in particular I loved the cinematography. I think it will get recognition in years to come.


I had a mate rave to me about an Australian-made film Predestination.

I thought it was absolute twaddle which brought new meaning to “go f##k yourself”.


Top movie.

I worry about your tastes in movies Noonan


Back at you. I’d go so far as to say that if you recommend something, I’ll avoid it…like the plague.


Even if it had Penelope Cruz in it?


She’s been in some awful English-language stuff eg Elegy.

And your taste is far up your own fundamental orifice, I’d be surprised if you watched her Spanish-language stuff.


Don’t know what movie you were watching but Hereditary was a disjointed piece of ■■■■!


…said about 5% of the public and critics.


I want the same “movie munchies” you have next time I’m at the movies.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

So bad, really really bad. Mrs hambo bought tickets on the Spirit of Tasmania to kill a couple of hours; I wish she hadn’t, watching a Carlton football game on the free Foxtel screens would have been a better option and the money could have been spent on beer.

The soundtrack is bizarre, seems to bear no relationship to the “movie”. The plot is super lame (we are supposed to care about the identity of a dull character). Spoiler alert, we don’t farking care! The flashy special CGI effects are rubbish, lack depth and make no sense. Johnny Redmayne is ordinary despite him being a decent actor, the director gets nothing from him. Johnny Depp is boring despite him being a brilliant actor in many movies before he became a bit of a ■■■■.

Terrible terrible movie. Avoid at all costs. Total ■■■■.


I enjoyed it. And I really didn’t like Fantastic Beasts.
That to me was, ‘clutz loses weird animals and finds them again.’
I appreciated that this film was far more adult, darker, had a lot going on, and had a bit of moral ambiguity.
LMW informed me there were a few nods to readers, too.

I can see how some would think the racial themes are a bit heavy-handed. That’s probably a fair cop.
And yes, I wish Eddie Redmayne would lift his friggin’ head…but that’s the character, I guess. And I found him less annoying than the first time, and I thought Depp was a little less Deppy than usual, which is a good thing.

And of course it’s a load of old tosh. Almost everything is.
But I enjoyed it.


Don’t be surprised.

Not a huge Almodovar fan but I have seen quite a few of his.

Penelope is s great actress so I went through a phase there for a while.

Spanish films I find to be mostly boring and pretentious though.