At the movies


I couldn’t follow the new fantastic beasts story. The final fight was confusing. None of the character motivation made sense. I had no idea why everyone was chasing that guy. And I’m normally the guy people ask me for movie explanations.

The movie would have been far better if they simplified the script a little.


Just had a look through your tastes in movies.

Please don’t discuss movies with me again.


In respect to chilling :sunglasses:.
Wanted to know what munchies you have at the movies. Maybe then I can then digest your perspective.


I’m a peanut m&m man myself.





Saw this recently

Starred @Alan_Noonan_10, @Theclubsanga and @Killer_Mike and set in the Movies thread on Bomberblitz.



It was you that responded to my post…


I’d say that about Italian films.

I’ve seen a lot of, and have a lot of, light Spanish movies. Don’t know if you’ve seen El Clan, a recent Argentinian movie. Now that’s dark, like a few other Argies I’ve seen. The only really dark Spanish one I’ve seen recently is Secuestrados (Kidnapped).

But not much appeals in this year’s festival…whereas i’ve seen about 6 each the last two or three years. One with Maribel Verdú (Y Tu Mama) looked OK.


I generally go through phases where by if I find a film that I really enjoyed then I have to watch everything that comes from that country. So I watched a lot of Latin films 5 or more years ago but not so much recently. I haven’t seen El Clan but I have seen Secuestrados though.

I should watch more spanish films but I am still going through my asian cinema and Turkish phase.


Took my daughter to Dumbo today…enjoyed it.


What age group is it for?


My daughter is 5, perfect for her



Any other recent movie recommendations? I have a couple of plane rides coming up, need some inspiration


If you like westerns…

I watched the Sister brothers and thought it was good. Enjoyed it.

I just finished “never grow old”… i liked it alot… John Cusack as a bad guy is really good. BUT… the 3rd act felt rushed IMO… but well worth the watch non the less. I actually think your better off not watching the trailer for this movie… its not a accurate representation.
But here it is…


I enjoyed The Sisters Brothers, had read the Patrick DeWitt novel and was curious to see how they’d do it. Just a strange ambling tale with some really good actors, beautiful pictures. The book from memory is actually funnier and lighter, can highly recommend Mr.Dewitt.


Not normally the type of movie I like/watch, but will give it a look as I really like John Cusack.


Why was it on at the French Film Festival? I didn’t see it there.


It was made by a French director, Jacques Audiard. He did Read My Lips (Sur mes lèvres), which was excellent, and The Beat my Heart Skipped (De battre mon coeur s’est arreté), which was complete rubbish although highly praised by critics.


Monsters Vs Aliens
Rise of the Guardians
Horton Hears a Who
Ralph Breaks the Internet


Pet Sematray

Really good.