Australian Politics -- From early August 2022

Reportedly, the current Carlton President was CEO of PwC from 2012 to May 2022 when the tax leaks were occurring.
Sayers Consultancy has received 17 Federal contracts, totalling around $6 million.
Sayers wife, who was running a NFP charity was a beneficiary of some Federal grants, some connection with Josh Frydenberg.

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Luke Sayers is a close personal friend of Dan Andrews. Do you know if he’s won any Victorian State contracts? He’s definitely not a LP stooge. Having said that - he’s the President of Carlton and presided over this PWC tax debacle so he’s definitely a grub

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how is that relevant in any way to what is happening at the federal level


Cate Sayers did promos urging the electorate to vote for Frydenberg.
Andrews and Lindsay Fox were among the guest at Luke’s 50th birthday party.
Anyone wanting to know whether Sayers has received Vic Govt consultancies can look it up.

Nudge nudge wink wink at it again.

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On the Voice, Bridget McKenzie tells the sports codes to stick to their knitting.
Maybe she should turn down the freebies to the games.


What actual knitting does she have? [Assuming knitting does not include gifts of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to LNP cronies]

Pauline has been sticking to her knitting. She is auctioning one she has spent many hours creating, some cable stitching.

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Probably being knitted in Bangladesh.

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Howard did more damage to this country than Scomo, the bushfires and the pandemic combined.

How the media perpetrate this idea he was a good prime minister is one of their biggest con jobs in the history of the country.

Power infastructure
Aged care
Jobs for the boys
Dodgy contracts
Illegal military operations
Housing crisis
Hospital crisis

All can be traced back to him and his policies of trying to rip off Australians, kill the poor/elderly and handicap our education system for the next generation.

Lib voters are truly the stupidest ■■■■■ in the universe. Perpetually voting in criminal ■■■■■ who have set the country back generations, then proudly stating “beTTer EcNoMiC MaNagErs” for three decades now.

So much blood on their dumb ■■■■ inbred ■■■■■■■■ hands


I know you all will be getting in your pre-orders for Scotty’s memoir …

There’s no way I am liking that post.


It will be peddled in global English speaking Pentecostal circles. The publisher is the US based Thomas Nelson, the religious publishing arm of some big publisher.

Scomo’s statement says Harper Collins Christian Publishing

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Thomas Nelson is the Christian publishing arm of Harper Collins.

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Scomo is a freak

Will be in bookshops in the Fiction section.


With the rest of the sky fairies books :rofl: