Australian Politics, Mark II


Do you think Anna Bligh got a job because of her expertise in banking or her contacts in the ALP that could maybe head off a RC? She’s been very quiet since it began.

Ultimately I think it’s just splitting hairs between corruption and influence peddling.


Fark everyone bagging the Muppets.


OK so two days ago I’m heading home to Balnarring mid arvo when I see a middle aged person carting a armful of ■■■■ AGL signs into an unmarked but official looking van and I mention it to my better half who says the anti AGL mob are complaining the local council are removing the signs.
Then today, a gorgeous day, I decide to play golf at Cerberus, the back end of ladies day, the best time to get a solo round and $10 unlimited, and I get to the long par five 7th, 500 metres from the back tee (I had a 7 thanks to a dud drive), with the Western Port view of the contentious pier and I see a crane working on the pier and then I go round again, cos it’s unlimited right, but this time I see 4 cranes around 5 oclock. I mention the ‘activity’ to my better half, who rolls her eyes and says she’s been told it hasn’t even been approved yet. But between the council activity and the golf course views, it appears AGL have enough subtle winks to proceed.
Ain’t democracy grand!
Meanwhile two new federal ministers who were bitterly opposed to the live animal Export trade last week voted to overlook their personal beliefs to save their own skins. Cheers Ley and Henderson.

What a joke our system is.




The system is not a joke. You just have to realise that the Tories have no morals that they will not sell out for convenience.

Best example is the illegal Iraq war. Over 80% of the population was opposed to it, including a clear majority of people who always voted Liberal (according to polls and news reports at the time).

Then Honest John said FU, we are going ahead with this illegal war, and all the Tory voters abandoned their principles en masse to get behind him.


Point of clarification, when you reference Tories do you mean Labor or Liberal or both?


The Tories are Libs are they not? The right?


My understanding is that the term tory predates the political terms left and right, the latter 2 products of the French Rev, and that all 3 three terms have now been rendered essentially meaningless pieces of rhetoric by advocates of the bipartisan political perspective.
In the meantime our bays are being sold off to the highest bidder at State level, in Western Port’s case AGL, and the continued catastrophic breaches of animal welfare are being covered up at the federal level.
Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum might be more appropriate.


No idea on her credentials in Banking, but I reckon as a former Premier, she had a lot of very good contacts.

Why shouldn’t she get the job she wants ? No idea how what she has done is corrupt and I doubt she has an real influence now, except people will listen to her out of respect. I would have advised her not to tak ethe job, but her choice.


What is your real problem ?

I reckon we have a very clear and simple system of Government. I have already said that it fails the people and sucks, but it is not corrupt and there are never any real surprises.


Abbott in the party meeting today calling for bans on renewable subsidies. The same guy who helped form a lobby group called the “Monash Forum” with the express point of gaining subsidies for coal thermal. The sooner this grinning disease on Australian politics is gone the better. 10 years ago would be nice.


Indeed it does. It comes from the Irish tóraí (old spelling: tóraighe) which means “highwayman,” “brigand,” etc., and as such it is an excellent description of any member of Pig Iron Bob’s “Liberal” Party.


Importantly, Morrison is the first Australian PM with three syllables in his surname.


Yet another outrage foisted on the Australian people by the stinking libs.


Bodes badly. The electorate won’t tolerate more than two. Also, fat guy. Not leadership material.


Could be corruption here, maybe, just a little bit…


why are we having a discussion. The co-alition will be decimated at the next federal election.


I think at this point it’s mostly about the right and moderate factions of the Liberals fighting each other for which seats they retain.


What about John McEwen?


Perhaps more trial by media.

Let the Police investigate and see if any laws have been broken.