Australian Politics, Mark II


How about Khe Sanh?


Me too. Did you go to Rosanna Primary!!!? :grinning:


No. Ashburton.
We must be of a similar vintage.


Did you have to do the “Boys, salute!” thing to the flag like we did?



I even played a snare drum in the band that played the tunes we marched too.


I’ve got a ten year old. Every 5th kid these days is a Harper.


Labor has demanded an explanation from the Prime Minister, after he authorised and tweeted a feedlot operator’s suggestion that drought could be considered a “necessary evil” that helps “cut out the bottom 10 per cent” of farmers.

Mr Morrison tweeted the video from his Prime Ministerial Twitter account last night beneath the caption “another perspective on the drought”.

The video included comments from Michael MacCue, from the Wilga Feedlot at Bellata in the North West region of New South Wales.

“In a way a drought’s a necessary evil. It can help cut out the bottom 10 per cent that probably shouldn’t be there anyway,” Mr MacCue said.

At the end of the short film, which focused on drought preparedness, an authorisation was provided confirming the video was made on behalf of “S. Morrison, Liberal Party, Canberra”.


Ah, sorting the wheat from the chaff. Of course. Now that it has a light hearted, positive spin I’m sure we can all forget about it.


If they aren’t prosperous it’s because they’ve done wrong by god.

Therefore, they don’t matter.


Lol. Harper’s dad is wearing a suit jacket with a V neck T, has the beard and glasses.


“It can help cut out the bottom 10%”

And there’s the Liberals next campaign slogan


None of that Queen ■■■■■ at my school…all about Archbishop Mannix and the Pope.


You’re implying that neither of them were queens.


Another ex PMworking in the background. These guys just can’t let go.


He also could have done that while he was PM but didn’t. Now it is just sour grapes.

Although it would be nice to see Dutton kicked out and have to re-contest then hopefully lose.


Somebody’s little Harper piping up, (or not), for all the little Boo Radleys out there. Heart worming stuff. She’s right though, shizehouse tune. I like somebody’s suggestion of Kookaburra sits…but then you get to that line which will have the righties offside owing to how the bird just sits around doing not much and having a laugh. “How gay your life must be”. Sometimes the status quo is the only thing, not just whatever you want.


Yep, PM Turnbull voted against referring dutton to the high court a fortnight ago, but private citizen Turnbull is righteously preaching about transparency and rectitude and acting on principle. Absolute definition of the man. Says the right thing when out of power, never did it when in power. What a political epitaph.




I reckon all ex PMs should be sent to a PM colony, they can talk, mingle, associate, amongst themselves… and only themselves… say what you want about Gillard but at least she shut the hell up and moved on


Harsh reactions.

He left ASAP.

He’s not taking about politics. He’s making mischief for an enemy.