Australian Politics, Mark II


Truffles wants an early election to dump his back stabbers in the ■■■■. I’m all for that.


And it is just a beat-up story from the media who will not let anything go.


Look, the public just aren’t interested in anything that’s highly inconvenient to us and really just want us to get on with the job of farking the energy grid, the economy, the environment and everything else.


If you can’t ignore your own laws to do a favour for a mate, then what’s the point of even being in power?




The nose art is interesting


AAF is not much chop, but it’s better than God Screw the Quean anyway. When I was 18 I refused to stand up for the then national anthem because I was a republican and wasn’t standing up for any English queen. Two huge bouncers built like Murray Wiedemann threw me forcefully out the door and into the gutter. Not surprising, really: it was the old Flinders Lane RSL.


Well, I have just read Van Badham in the Graudian re the anthem garbage. All I can say is I am very glad that the notorious public toilet sex cruiser Alan Jones does not broadcast into my area. Same for Hadley. What a bunch of scumbags.


It is worth reading.



Firs time I’ve listened to our PM. So, he actually calls himself ‘team ScMo’?

It’s cringeworthy


I think it’s light hearted and whimsical. I’m no longer terrified of his world view and actions in previous roles.


Has to appeal to the gen y and z somehow.


I really hope they are not that stupid.


Don’t worry, it won’t last long.
He’ll be HipHopMo soon.


Have you seen some of the shining examples of gen y and z on here? Don’t think they’re the brightest bunch.


Thankfully, it’s what Scummo thinks will appeal to gen y and z, which is an entirely different thing.


Quaedvljeg has referred Dutton’s Parliamentary assertions about him to the House Privleges Committee. That might not go far, seeing as how the Chair of the Privileges Committee is Ross Vasta,not unconnected to the Vasta family subject to the Fitzgerald inquiry into corruption into Queensland polictics, which addressed the Vasta and Lewis families, the same families for which Dutton sought help for jobs for the sons in the AFP.


Recent study finds over half of political lobbyists are former politicians or political staffers. There’s no transparency over political lobbying and it is effectively self policed which is even more relaxed than how they do things in the US. Push from The Guardian Australia and elements of the ABC for reform and transparency.