Australian Politics, Mark II


Actually think we are being Governed by the Public Service, or at least they are the ones keeping the place functioning.


I’m getting more and more convinced Scomo just blabbed it out on the spot.

That thought is a touch less worrying than a group of people sitting in a room thinking it up and deciding it was a good idea.


He is wrong of course. Most people do not own a home.


2016 Census shows home ownership is at 65%, so he is basically correct.


Well, it’s roughly 1/3 owning their home, 1/3 owned by the banks, and 1/3 renting.

But dropping.


Stop paying the rates and you’ll find out who owns it.




Morrison presented the Jerusalem Embassy move as an option based on Sharma’s “ expert” opinion, so you may be right on that one . It was an attempt to pump up Sharma ( who lives in North Sydney) to the Jewish vote. But Sharma’s views were already known in Jewish circles ,so it was overkill.
As to Iran, we are not part of the deal and Australian views would count for nothing at the international negotiating level, but were unhelpful to our coalition building efforts overall.
In the lead up to elections, there is an awareness of the likelihood of hare brained pork barrelling initiatives in the Queensland sugar seats and in Tasmania. The initiatives are usually manageable and have little to no international consequences ( apart from the Howard Tampa issue and climate change) . But the Wentworth initiatives would have blindsided those involved in high and low diplomacy and will be difficult to repair. And all for nought.


More than likely Big Al, that ScoMo et al were sitting around thinking of a vote catcher and came up with the Jerusalem idea.

When I worked for a Minister back a very, very long time ago, I remember sitting in on an important policy committee meeting that after six months of discussion, research, public servant advice, more discussion had finally agreed on a progressive and responsible social welfare policy, when the PM crashed in to declare he had booked a National Address to the People on prime time TV and dropped s policy on the table and walked out.

Yep there was an election coming up.


I thought we were supposed to leave the world a better place

Kaye Lee

Forgetting the noise and arguments, the marketing and campaigning – a government’s job (and the job of us all) is to make the world a better place.

You don’t do that by worshipping wealth above well-being.

You don’t do that by supporting the fossil fuel industry and looking to join the world’s top ten arms manufacturers.

You don’t do that by engaging in rampant land-clearing to make way for livestock, inappropriate crops, or urban sprawls.

You don’t do that by habitat destruction of endangered species.

You don’t do that by cutting foreign aid to developing nations whilst massively increasing defence spending.

You don’t do it by destroying the lives of people who came to you seeking sanctuary from war and oppression.

You don’t do that by briefing the media about foreign policy discussions/decisions before you have spoken to ASIO, DFAT or defence.

You don’t do that by ignoring the existential danger posed by climate change in order to save a few dollars a week off your electricity bill.

You don’t do that by entrenching people in poverty through inadequate social security payments and demeaning them as leaners.

You don’t do that by offering such generous tax concessions to property investors that housing becomes unaffordable.

You don’t do that by promoting gambling.

You don’t do that by condoning discrimination against people based on their race, religion, gender or sexuality.

You don’t do that by ignoring the advice of the Indigenous community, quarantining their income instead of addressing disadvantage and enabling self-determination, building more jails whilst cutting support services.

You don’t do that by spending hundreds of millions in legal battles to withhold information that the public has a right, and a need, to know.

You don’t do that by holding endless reviews and commissions and summits and then ignoring their recommendations.

You don’t do that by rewarding those who shout the loudest or pay the most.

You don’t do that by concentrating on the marketing rather than the message.

The removal of the Coalition from government is a necessary step in making this country, and the world, a better place.

The problem is, how much more damage can they do before trash removal day?


The prime minister was quoted as saying “honk, honk” before riding away on his unicycle.


Katter has turfed Fraser Anning from his Total Dipsticks Party.

A battle between Tweedledumbest and Tweedleevendumberest.


I agree with Bacchus on the point he mentioned the other day.

If you resign (or are sacked) from the party you were voted in on, that seat should go to a re-election.

Yes I realise he wasn’t voted in on the Mad Katters party.


Anning got 19 votes and was not voted in. He replaced Malcolm Roberts who went down on dual citizenship. He was next on the PHON Senate Ticket.
Some are saying his expulsion from KAP is a cynical exercise by Katter to get Labor preferences and possibly also to regain access to Union funds , which were withdrawn following Anning’s speech.


Maybe, but it was still the right thing to do.


Geez, how much of an asshat do you have to be to get kicked out of both Hanson’s and Katter’s bunch of redneck bigots?


Now, I’m not paranoid against Murdoch but why does my Foxtel IQ series link repeatedly delete my recording of 7.30?

I’d put nothing past that ■■■■.


Installed iQ4 box for my Foxtel yesterday.

Not happy that Credlin still appears.


Given her iq is 4, that’s strangely appropriate.


WTF you cant serve in two different levels of government at the same time.